Booster recommendations for a 5-year-old?

What does everyone recommend for booster seats for a five-year-old? I’m struggling to find what I want without paying a ton. I would like a 5pt harness, high back but comes apart into two pieces later on and under $100. And preferably not one that starts as a baby car seat bc we’re past all those features. There’s several out there, but can’t decide. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Might read more about 5pt harness! The one I currently have is only for up to 40lbs. Then it’s to be used with the seat belt. It’s a convertible Diono that we’ve had since birth

This is what we use and love!


Join car seat safety and ask they know a lot about it and about car seats


I have the Baby Trend Hybrid 3 n 1 booster. It’s a harness, then you can remove harness and use as highback booster then remove the back. I’ll attach some pics


We’re about to upgrade our two daughter’s seats to this one!


We got ours through the car insurance company and only paid $20-30 for it. We use Alfa.

I would do a higher weight 5pt harness seat that would covert to a high back or low back later.

What is the difference between a harness booster and a forward facing car seat?

Just something to watch out for, they’re starting to see knockoff carseats selling on Amazon that you think are a certain brand but are cheap (you would think on sale) and they’re actually junk that’s blowing apart in safety testing. It’s definately starting to make me very leery of amazon for things like this. Fake and dangerous kids products are turning up for sale on Amazon - CNN

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Graco nautilus. It’s a little over 100 right now but does harness till 65lbs

We have a 4 ever spendy but my child’s life is worth it

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We are either going for the Graco Wayz ($89.99 Walmart) or the Graco Nautilus 65 ($105 Walmart) for our soon to be 6 year old.

Graco Nautilus

Been using it since my son was about 3. He’s now 7 and still comfortable definitely my favorite of the forward facing transitional carseats. Dad & I had to learn carseat safety for work, so when it comes to safety and affordability, Nautilus was our favorite for this category. Got in a fairly minor car accident with it & my son was so unaffected, he didn’t even notice

I have the Baby Trend 3-1 hybrid and it’s been a good seat for my 5yo so far.

I’m a certified child passenger safety Technician.
With that budget, the only seat I would recommend is the Graco Tranzitions. It can harness to 65lb 49in then be a highback booster, and then be a backless booster.

The Car Seat Files is a great group with CPST admins

No Sweat Seat Check is a great page ran by me, a CPST

I love this seat. Comfort, colors, safety! And the headrest allows my son’s head to actually stay where it should be when he falls asleep. goes from harness to high back booster to basic booster.

Look at the safety rating AND make sure it is designed to fit your vehicle. Also, many local children’s hospital have a safety store that sells car seats fairly cheap

Baby trend 3in 1 booster u can get them at Walmart for around 80 dollars I got them for both my kids they work great

Safe and sound are great take child with you and sit in them in the displays :+1: