Bottle drama with my kid

My kid 3rd child is one. He still drinks Milk from his bottles But will happily Drink water from his waterbottle(But Can be silly with opening his month with water and gets it all down him. Everytime I TRY and Put milk in something different Then a bottle he is silly with it ends up getting it all down him.

How do I Get him to Stop Being silly when drinking? I have tired a few different beakers If Someone Could recommend something would be Great.


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Honestly let him sit in his damp clothes for a little while (10 mins) my eg is almost 2 and still does this from time to time but most times she does it is cause she wants another bath and thinks if she’s wet I’ll bath her again :sweat_smile:

Ignore it for now tell him it’s not ok but leave it at that he gets attention by being silly… positive reinforcement get excited about the good stuff make a big deal about the good stuff correct the bad but dont make a big deal of it…just take the bottle away that’s a good thing have a bye bye bottle party yay!!! Lol

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Ignore it. Turn your head when he does it, he’ll stop, most children do " silly" things to get a rise out of us, once they notice we’re not interested they’ll stop

He’s only one, let him still have his bottle for milk, there is still plenty of time for him to change bottles over. With the messing about just ignore it, he will soon stop


Honestly, I would get rid of sippy cups and bottles all together. They do not really aid in helping children develop the skills needed to drink from an open cup.
He may play around and get wet, but that’s part of learning. You need to just accept it and have extra clothes on hand


Soo… He’s one.
He’s learning and exploring through play.
That’s one of them things where you might as well just be ready to change the whole outfit. Ain’t no way around it.

We use miracle 360 cups or toss n take cups

I don’t think there’s a lot that you can do… he’s 1 and he’s going to be silly and messy lol.

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Good luck he is 1 duh

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Dont give him anything make him feel hunger and thirst for maybe 15 min make him appreciate what comes in that cup


He is getting lots of attention from you. I agree to stop making such a big deal about it. Kids makes a mess especially while learning. If you want him off the bottle stop offering it and let him get accustomed to drinking out of a cup. He will learn to stop wasting his milk if that’s all there is. Or even better, let him have his bottle until he is ready to drink out of a cup. :woman_shrugging:


Oh my gosh people hes 1! Hes not being silly or needs a punishment or talking to, hes being a one year old!


You need to start teaching him to mind you. Consistency is soo Important.

Hes one. Children learn in all different ways and thats what he’s doing. Just let him get on with it.


You’re going to need to get rid of the bottles completely

A sippycup or a regular cup or maybe a cup with a straw?

He’s only one so any bottle that’s non spill! :sweat_smile:

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My little lady is 13mo and still on bottles for milk for now. She’s not ready to switch and it’s not impacting her ability to drink other things out of other cups. :woman_shrugging:t2:. She’s great with drinking water out of cups and with straws, so I’m just letting her work through things at her own pace since it’s not hurting anything.


I am currently working on my one year old with sippy cups. I took the bottles when she turned one. It’s still a work in progress but she does fling her milk every where. I bought the expensive and cheap cups. But she only likes the cheap. I just tell her no and show her how to drink it. But it is a learned process and they will grow out ofnit

I mean is he purposely spitting it out or is he just not the best at not drooling it out the sides of his mouth? If he is purposely taking sips so he can spit it out then you should only put drinks in a cup and you hold it while he takes a sip.Any purposely spitting you put it up and don’t offer it for an hour.If he is just not coordinated to drink clean yet just put less in his cup and get bibs that are plastic lined until he gets better at it.

Try the sippy cups from Hyde and Seek children’s boutique on fbk and insta beautiful BPA food grade silicon dinnerware fir bubs n the sippy cups r up breakable and leak proof
In saying that I wouldn’t worry to much my kids well girls 3 n 4 had bottles till
They were 7 years old n they have turned out fine

Give him milk in a regular cup with his meals, if he plays then take it away and let him know that his milk is for drinking. It’s going to be messy the first few times but after the first 2-3 times of my kids spilling cold milk on themselves they learned the meaning of being careful.


And a one year old still needs 3 bottles a day in my opinion mine all did three of my five kids gave it up at two big milk :milk_glass: is so important for growth and their bones n their teeth :tooth:


Welcome to toddlerhood :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:


With my boys, there’s character water bottles with heads like paw patrol and the hulk. I threw away all bottles and left those. Maybe that will help?

Speech and language specialists recommend cups with a soft straw or a 360° cup like Munchkin Miracle Cup.

Eventually someone will laugh at him and he will give it up. I wouldn’t drink milk from a cup and took a bottle until I started first grade. Before school started, my mom took me on a tour of the schoolroom and pointed out that there was no refrigerator, and I wouldn’t be able to take my bottle. No problem. (I was an only child and lived in the country, no peer pressure.)

He’s fine for now but maybe when he’s about 18-20 months introduce different cups let him pick out his own from the cabinet or if you take him in the store let him grab one

My son is 2 and we still do bottle at bed time. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Don’t let other parents and children determine how fast you or your child is “supposed” learn. We all go at our own pace and do what works best for us.
Good luck girl. You’ve got some good advice here. You just have to keep at it.


Um he’s 1. They will give it up when their ready. My daughter gave up bottles at 11 months. My son is 14 months and hasn’t gave them up yet. Stop rushing ur kid.

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Wait until he’s older.

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He’s a freakin baby! Get a better cup and just deal with it. Be more strategic when giving him drinks. You’ve got more responsibility here than he does.

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He’s just one…enjoy it!!!

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We use the 360 munchkin cups, they’re not 100% spill proof but they work well and teach them to drink from a cup

Are you laughing at him when he does it? He may be doing it for attention. I know first hand how hard it is not to laugh, but don’t so it. Find other cute things to laugh at. And be firm without scolding when telling him no. Remove the cup for short periods when he acts up.


He’s 1. What are your expectations :joy:


My daughter will be 2 end of January, she was born 2 months early but I still give her a bottle mainly when I rock her for nap or bedtime but she also uses sippy cups or cups with straw.

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I cold turkey bottles when my kids turn one or in the case of my second, wean themselves (my now two year old self weaned at 10.5 months). Bottles were/are only for formula/breast milk in our house- so when we stop and go whole milk and solids, there are no more bottles. When I introduced solids, I introduced sippy cups and eventually the straw sippy cups. My kids have never had anything except their formula or breast milk in a bottle. As far as being silly, he’s only 1 and that will come as he gets older. Maybe only give it at certain times and tell him that we drink the water and don’t play with it.


I’ve found these are the best kind I’ve given to my girl she’s 4 but now she doesn’t use the cups. Maybe try practicing holding and drinking from cups with your son? The earlier the better


My step daughter is 2 1/2 and does this. I don’t have any advise. He’s too young to understand.

There are bottles made for weaning kids off and getting them ready for cups, I never tried them bc I didn’t have issues getting her off the bottle but it may be worth a shot.

Sippy cups. Just keep practicing dont give up. And start to do more of sippy cups than bottle to start to wean him off. Idk why everyone is saying wait til hes older bc in my opinion ( as a dentla hygiene student) children should be off bottles around one. Def before the age of 2. My oldest was off at 11 months and my youngest who took a little longer but was off around 15 months. Also cold turkey seems to work best in most weaning cases.


They need either sippy cups or else you’ll be dealing with a mess. I don’t give my kids open cups until they’re at least 2 because of this.

My 1 year old will drink water/juice from a proper cup, but when it comes to milk she won’t touch ot unless it’s from the breast or a bottle, and to me that’s ok. It makes her happy, it’s a comfort to her so why the rush. She only has it a nap and bed time, she’s happy, comfortable, relaxed and feels safe, there’s no rush to make them grow up. Do it when your baby feels ready x

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Nuk learner cup… once my son transitioned to this he could care less about what he was drinking from but he didn’t transition until 14-15m bc I just didn’t think of it lol

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360 cups are the best!

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My son is 2 and still does it I’ve tried every sippy cup I thought the nipple was giving too much but no I guess it’s for fun

Take the bottles away.

Start giving him his drinks in a cup or glass and only in a bottle if he asks for the bottle. If he gets silly and dumps the bottle take it away saying that he don’t seem to be thirsty now. Be consistent since he had been doing this for a while because it will take time to convince him you are serious. Giving a bottle only if Sk fir take time but does work, it worked for my 3 but at first it seemed that they ask for the bottle all the time.

Every child is unique - embrace it. They are little such a short time.
Just love him <3

When I was told it was time to switch I went to the spoutless 360° cups cause my daughter would chew on the mouth pieces of hers

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