Breast-feeding issue

Hello this a long message. But I hope and begging that you can take time. I really need advice right now some ideas. Please.

Last February 3rd 2021 I got myself an implant medicine /device as my pregnancy contraceptive which will be removed after 3 years.

Last night February 18 my husband arrived from a 1 month and 2 weeks fishing as it is our source of income. So Technically we haven’t had any sexual contact since January 7th 2021 until last night.
During our intercourse I felt a little pain which I think is due to friction so I ignored and it eventually faded.

Also last night my 1 year and a half baby stopped breastfeeding from my right breast. I find it slightly weird but since I know sometimes babies are just like that so again I ignored.

This morning when I woke up because my baby wants to feed I suddenly felt my right breast swollen and has a big lump on the half right side plus it really hurts. I thought maybe because my baby didn’t feed on it the whole night. I offered it to him but after a few seconds of suckling milk he refused and chose my left breast.

So after feeding him I decided to express my milk by hand since I don’t have a pump. I was shocked with the stabbing pain and the bits of yellowish color that’s coming out of my nipples along with the creamy white milk. I got another sippy cup to make sure and it happened again. I’m suddenly scared because it’s looks like a pus to me. And my mind is screaming OMG could it be that I have an infection but why?! And that’s not all. When I got up to pee I have blood spotting and it’s not yet my period time.

I have 4 children my eldest is 9, my second is 5,my third is 4 and my youngest which is the one I am breastfeeding is 1 year and half. All of them breastfed. And this is as in the first time that this happened to me!

Does it have something to do with my contraceptive?
Or could have something to do with my hard tooth on the right side. As three days ago I experienced toothache and I only drunk mefanamic for the pain.

Healthcare clinic is very far from our home and we live in the remotest Island of Palawan Philippines. If ever I got the chance to be checked by a doctor that would take me until Monday.

I’m scared and don’t what to do. I have a slight fever and I feel ill. Thanks.

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If you have a fever and have flu like symptoms then it very could be an infection and you will need antibiotics. In the meantime do what you can to continue expressing the milk. It will be painful if you have a plugged duct or mastitis but you must get the milk moving. It has to come out. Also yes contraceptives can and many times do decrease your milk and many times your milk will completely dry up. You definitely need a clinic visit. I know its not easy but if its an infection you need to get it treated.