Breastfed baby wont eat solids?

My daughter will be 8 months old in a few days. She is breastfed. My last child only breastfed for a couple of months so I have no experience with this.
She is pretty much exclusively breastfed. Well I’ve been offering her other options since she was 6 months old. Baby food etc… obviously still breast feeding which I adore and love. I plan to do it for awhile still to come.
She will eat sweet potatoes and carrots sometimes if she’s up to it but nothing else. I’ve tried giving her juice, water, pedialyte, in a bottle. She will not take it but if I put her breast milk in a bottle from time to time she’s fine.
She’s not interested in hardly any baby food. I’ve tried giving her other things as well, plenty of things honestly… not just baby food but she will gag and spit it out. Almost anything as far as food she will not take.
Just as well as fluids. She has had rsv previously and her dr wanted me to try to get more fluids in her, pedialyte etc and she absolutely will not take it.
Does this seem normal? She’s a chunky little girl and I know she’s healthy. She’s not as big as most babies her age, she is small but she’s chunky all over.
Her dr isn’t concerned about that because she puts on weight at every app.
I am just curious if it’s normal for some babies to refuse food or anything else for awhile. My last was a big fatty and ate anything I fed him. If it was edible, he ate it.
My daughter, not so much.
However she loves loves loves the boob. She’s attached which I don’t mind at all.
I love how much she loves breastfeeding but I do worry about her not wanting anything else.


Its normal. Remember food before 1 is just for fun. My son didn’t like food until age 2. Until then it was all boob.

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My daughter is just about 13 months & she still loves the boob more than anything, don’t worry :slightly_smiling_face:

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Baby led weaning. Give it a try. They don’t need anything but breastmilk or formula and water do don’t stress her not wanting juice or anything, some people just don’t like those.

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Food before 1 is just for fun.
Let her play with it and have a blast making a mess. Eventually she’ll start wondering what it tastes like and put her goopy hands in her mouth herself.


The doctor will tell you she is old enough to try a sippy cup

My daughter was born almost 11 pounds on Nov 30 2017. She is still being breast fed when she wants and eats. Sometimes their are days she doesn’t eat much and just wants the boob. Some days she just wants other liquids and hard foods and little boob at night. Depends on how your baby is feeling. Make sure to give her all her boob while she’s not feeling good. And continue to give her other options for drinks… if she’s not feeling good, you may also try liquid jello. Or popsicles- does help with dehydration.

Juice is a big time no under a year. And my pediatrician even says no water unless it’s super warm out and you plan on staying outside. They are empty calories your baby doesnt need. Be thankful she is willing to bottle feed your milk. And dont force the foods just yet have fun experimenting with them.


For all saying food before one is just for fun… IS WRONG!!!


are you making food from scratch, its better than store bought jars… add breast milk to that, just a few spoonfuls each time is enough to start her off…stay away from fruits tho… increase by a spoonful after a bit…

We only breastfeed for a couple of weeks but with my youngest, we tried to start introducing food at about 5 months and her dr was the 1 who suggested it and all that but she would gag and if I didn’t get it out of her mouth she would literally do it until age puked. I was really really starting to worry that something was seriously wrong and at about 9-10 months she finally started eating everything. They were just about to start testing to see if it was a problem swallowing and then it stopped so idk what exactly the answer is but yes I dealt with the same thing. And she ate her formula just fine as well so…

My 8mo old doesn’t eat any solid food and it’s not from lack of trying

with pedilyte i would ask if u can mix it with ur breast milk like half and half see if shell take it that way. when my daughter was coming out of being sick they had me try this but my daughter was purely formula fed i know pedilyte also makes drink mix packets. that u use 8 ozs of liquid to mix. with the semisolid food maybe try maybe bread or something similar for her to naw on. when they r first learning to do solid foods they can gag alot because they rnt use to the action of taking food that way.