Breastfed baby won't take pacifier

Any breastfeeding moms have an issue with their babies taking pacifiers? My baby will take it but the second i move my finger he’ll push it out. Is there a name for it? Or do I have to keep going through brands until I find one he likes?


I noticed that I kept my finger in automatically after my second was born. My first took a pacifier no problem. My second and third were harder.

Why does he need to have one?


I had 2 who used them and 2 who refused no matter what brand or size I used.

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You can try different brands and make sure its the right size. But some kids just don’t care for it.

Not all babies need pacifiers. One of mine liked it while the other one never needed it. I just don’t give it to my baby if he doesn’t want it.


Pacifiers are crutches and not necessary. Be thankful he doesn’t want it.


Pacifiers definitely aren’t a necessity, if your baby doesn’t take to one, I just wouldn’t use it instead of trying to force it.

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If ur baby don’t want them I wouldn’t force it… they are one of the hardest things to break when they get older… my son had them and it took until he turned 4 to get rid of them….

Pacifiers aren’t needed. They also take away hunger cues for baby. It’s a good thing they won’t take.

Only one of my 8 had a pacifier. It’s not that serious

he probably wants one that resembles mom, with a feeling of warm closeness. I’ve heard of mom’s wrapping small babies in a shirt that smells like them instead or with a blanket.

Get baby checked for lip and tongue ties

Some babies take them, some don’t. My 7 month old only likes the Phillips avent pacifiers. She was given those in the NICU for three weeks. She’s always liked them frozen too.

Why do we force babies to take pacifiers, they don’t need it :joy:


My son never accepted a pacifier

Both of breast feed babies hated the pacifier

My kids never took to them

Baby doesn’t NEED a pacifier. Stop pushing it


Pacifiers are more for the parents than the child. It’s not a good thing to start a pacifier because it’s not easy to break that habit when it starts.

My son never took one and they did give him one at the hospital. The minute we got into the house nope I took it n threw it away. Would’ve it been more easier for me as a mom? Sure but even my son’s pediatrician said not to do it. And trust me there were days I wanted to cave in and buy one cause whoa my child had a good loud cry :joy:.

I had 4 breastfed babies but only one wouldn’t take a dummy. He realised there was nothing in it so I fot it back

My child spat out all the brands, we tried about 20 different ones before we have upd