Breastfeeding advice

Hey there! Currently 30 weeks with my 2nd son! I feel like I was so uneducated with my 1st about breastfeeding so I want to get as much advice and as many opinions as I can!

So a little back story, when I had my 1st, I tried to breastfeed but everytime he latched on, I would immediately tense up and it felt like I was having some sort of panic attack? Ever since then, even being intimate with my husband, the number 1 rule i have is no playing with my nipples because of how uncomfortable it makes me. I remember when I switched to formula and my oldest would move his head back n forth looking for my breast every time I picked him up and it legit shattered my heart.
So with my 2nd, I am really going to try harder and get over this fear or feelings I have towards nipple stimulation. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been in a similar situation? Also, like I stated above I am 30 weeks and my breasts are not tender and I don’t really notice them being any larger than before pregnancy, is that normal? What are tricks and tips you would give someone in my situation? Tips as in how can I produce plenty of milk? What foods can I eat to help produce milk? Please help a momma out! I literally want to know anything and everything!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: