Breastmilk storage ideas?

I had my son a week ago and have been pumping and feeding that way and also have been getting 7-9oz every 3-4 hours but in between my boob still hurt and yes I get all the milk out I’ve tried ice packs I like my lactation consultant said to along with Tylenol or ibuprofen like she said also but it doesn’t really seem to be helping also, I feel like I’m drowning in milk, so any storage tips would be helpful to lol


Engorgement is common in the first few weeks until you settle into a rhythm of how often your pumping and extracting. Also if you empty everytime you will fill its supply and demand. If you need a stash I’d get storage bags disposable or reusable to freeze because fresh expressed milk should be store for more than 5 days in the fridge and more than 4 hours at room temp.

Fun fact.
Your daytime milk has higher cortisol and your night time milk has melatonin.

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It’s normal for your breasts to hurt and still feel full for the first couple of weeks but pumping every 3-4 hours also isn’t recommended this soon it should be more like 2-3 hours. Your supply will regulate but personally if you aren’t wanting a huge oversupply I would pump for relief and not continue until you’re completely empty. Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand so the more you’re telling your body to make by nursing or pumping the more it’s going to make and having a massive oversupply isn’t great for a lot of reasons.

As far as storage goes freeze your milk in 4-6oz bags and lay them flat to freeze. Then when you have enough you can put them standing up in a gallon ziplock bag and make what is usually referred to as a brick. It stores a lot nicer that way and it also makes it easier to keep track of the oldest milk versus the newer milk so you can use oldest first.


If possible warm/hot shower or compress and manually express just enough to relieve pressure/discomforts. As for storage freeze in storage bags.

Stop pumping. You’re telling your body to make more milk. Just express enough to relieve pressure not empty the breast