Buspar side effects?

Hey moms… just wondering if anybody else has ever taken or been on Buspar? I just recently startled taking it and I feel like my head is constantly buzzing if that make sense. Idk if this is related but I have ran low fever for 2 weeks now and my body aches and my brain will often feel like it’s zapping… any advice on what this could be or if it’s even related?


Yes! Made me feel like i was on A falling elevator

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I got mean feelings on that.

Made me feel really bad

I take it for anxiety. And have the same symptoms. Try cutting your pill in half and always take with food and lots of water!

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I use to take it before I got pregnant. Do you take it with food? I always took it with food and never had an issue

I take klonipin
have no problem at all. I would go to doctor and have them ween you off and try something different

Your dose may need to be lowered. I switched from the true Valiums to diazapam and now busbars. I personally hate them because they are nothing like the other two

I don’t have the best advice I’m just a top fan now and want to make that known :joy: hope you get the answers you need … Try searching on Google it could just be that your body takes time to adjust to the medication. I would deff mention it to your Dr maybe it’s not the right medication for you and it needs to be changed if that’s the case

If the side effects of a med are really bothering you, you may want to make a switch, sometimes it takes trying something different before finding the right one.

It made my head feel buzzy and foggy.

One time at work, I took them and came home only to have to lay on the floor. My neighbor’s son was an EMT and took my blood pressure and it was thru the roof. Any meds are dangerous, so call your doctor and talk to his nurse. She will guide you. Just be careful my dear. My husband had mild depression and was given medication. I came home 9 weeks later, and he had shot himself. Total shock. ANY medication needs to be reviewed by you and a loyal doctor. Take care my dear.


They are very weird.
For me i was sick until about a week in… But if i would miss a dose
Boom sick again
I didnt like them

You’re having side effects, notify your doctor. They can usually add zoloft (sertraline) to help since they’re a different type of SSRI. They help in different ways for your re up take of dopamine.

I take Zoloft and buspar. Never any issues

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Stop taking it. Go to Dr.asap and share with him.U need new med Take care of u

Side effects like this sound dangerous. I didn’t use buspar long but I had what I thought were mild side effects on Seroquel and when i told my doctor he told me it could have ended up being fatal. So getting others experience is good but I would seek immediate evaluation and possibly suspend taking it (if doctor says that’s okay, in meantime)

I take it but I make sure to eat either right after or before. And it may just be the meds getting into your system they have different reactions to different people at first and if after a month you still feel it talk to you doc because it may not be for you

I have been horrible nightmares on it and I don’t like it!

Tried it worse thing ever I was dizzy shaky and justoff

What are you taking it for? Was it perscribed or is it over the counter? Why would you take stuff that you don’t know the side effects?