Buspiron side effects?

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Any other pregnant mommies on here been prescribed Buspiron for depression? I’m currently on it and I just feel angry all the time. What was your experience?


I took it combined with cymbalta and felt amazing on the combined meds while pregnant with both of my kids.

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I got sooooo sick and shakey with it! I started taking it at night. It helped with the symptoms :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Also was angry on it.

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If it makes you feel angry it’s not the medicine for you… that’s why drs tell you to let them know if you feel suicidal or anything out of the ordinary … the meds they give to help if not the right one they can make the problems worse

buspiron is for anxiety not depression yes theres a difference in meds some of the time. meds meant for anxiety given to someone who is depressed will feel mild mood swings including anger, greater depression, or extremely upset for no apparent reason. i would talk to ur doctor about switching to something else (on the side note that med for those with sever anxiety didnt work for me while pregnant even on the highest dosage)

I was on it before I got pregnant for anxiety and I’m on Citalopram for depression. Currently 18w1d along. I didn’t have that response to it, but during my first trimester my current meds weren’t working presumably because of how imbalanced I was. How far along are you and how long have you been on them? It took me a good 5-6 weeks to balance out on mine.

My doctor took me of everything. My anxiety meds all of it… years ago i was on buspar and hated it