Calcification on kidneys?

Has anyone ever been told they have calcification on their kidneys? My dr. said this showed up on my abdominal ultrasound and that I need to follow up with a nephrologist but didnt really give me any othee information about what it is or why its there.


Calcification could mean u have kidney stones or just a hard spot on ur kidney. I have calcification on my lung but they didn’t seem concerned about it

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I habe had 2 kidney stones for years…if your in pain definitely see the Dr.
My stones are in the lower pole and won’t pass…it they bother me I will have the sound waves that turn them into powder.

He probably didnt give you any information because he isn’t qualified to do so. Best to look up specialists in your area and have them take a peek. Or, call your doctor back and ask if there is anyone he can refer you too?

That’s how it works. One set of doctors tells u what u have then sends u to a professional

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sounds like kidney stones; which they can break up using sound waves. but you can get calcification in other parts of your body, like blood vessels. inlammation and cholesterol like to attract calcium within those. areas.