Can 8-month-olds go to a fireworks show?

I want to bring my almost 8 month old baby to the 4th of July parade and fireworks and I’m afraid it might be to loud for his little ears! Any recommendations for ear protection or am I just worrying to much?

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They make baby head phone things that work great!

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Definitely get eat protection! Noises that loud can damage a child’s ear drums and what not.
Trust meeee. I have about 90% hearing loss in both ears. So I was taught how to properly save the rest of my hearing. But, I don’t always follow those rules lol.
But a child? Yes definitely get protection of a sort. Something that blocks most sound!

We never used ear protection :woman_shrugging:

We took my son out to see fireworks at 3 months old, we just parked down the road from the launch area.

My twins were 7 months and they loved it, we just were in an open area so the sound wasn’t all that loud

Get ear defenders off amazon

Noise reducing headphones. Like the ones they use at car racing.

I would get it, and than you can just keep them in your car. Never know when you’ll need them. Also where to purchase, any hunting store with carry proper child ear protection. I got my daughter a pair and they have an adjustable band so they fit her at 3 months and can still fit her now at almost 2 years