Can a 6 month old throw tantrums?

No judging please…can a 6 month old throw tantrums? When my son gets upset, he kicks his feet in a tantrum way. He just randomly started doing this and mainly does this when he gets put in his crib or in his play yard


Yes they can. My son never did til almost a year but my daughter started around 5 months if you take something from her or leave the room… She will follow you through the house screaming at you (shes 7 months) even if her dad or i are still in the room and the other leaves.


Not so much a tantrum, as it is his way of telling you that he does not want to be put in his crib or play yard. He does t have the vocabulary or communication skills, at his young age, to explain to you that he’s not happy, so he has to cry and show you his discontent.


My son does this. I often think he’s just being dramatic about being set down. Because it seems every time I put him in a walker or leave the room he starts freaking out. He won’t stop until I pick him up again. It can be frustrating…

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Yeah. Terrible 2’s don’t start at 2 :joy:


Hmm… that sounds like gas.

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Sure. He has feelings too and babies don’t have any other coping mechanisms than to wig out when they are unhappy.

When my son was around 10 months he started walking and when I would tell him no or pick him up to move him away from something he would scream at the top of his lungs and stomp his feet :joy:

Oh Yes! It starts early. Smart kid. Mom, mom, mommie. Lol.


Welcome to parenting lol totally normal! Hang in there mom!

No. It’s only a tantrum when they also have the words to tell you what is wrong, but do that instead. A baby’s only way to communicate is crying and body language. They’re simply using the only tools they have. That’s not a tantrum.

Yes. Yes they can. My son loved to throw them when I had to use the bathroom and couldnt hold him