Can a baby have a yeast diaper rash without having thrush?

Breastfeeding ftm here. Can your baby have a yeast diaper rash without having thrush? Just curious to know if any other moms experienced this. My son has a milk tongue but has had a diaper rash for the last three days and nothing seems to be working. Asking pediatrician on Tuesday for further clarification but wanted to see it anyone else experienced a yeast diaper rash without thrush.


Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth and you will definitely know if he has thrush…very painful…use corn starch on the diaper rash and it’ll look way better within a day…be sure to take a wet wash cloth and wipes his mouth out

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My daughter had thrush but not diaper yeast… anything is possible

Yes ma’am. My daughter was very a chunky baby and during the summer months she kept getting yeast rashes on her bottom, with no thrush in her mouth. It happens naturally from excess moisture especially during hot months from sweating. My daughters doctor prescribed her Nystatin and the rash was fully gone within 3 days each time. It’s not from you doing anything wrong, so ignore the perfect Patty mom that “:rage:” reacted to this post

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