Can a baby sleep with pacifier?

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My oldest did & he cried every time he fell asleep & it fell out of his mouth. Lasted a few months & I was exhausted. My youngest never took to one.

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Yes, all three of my kids slept with them. I even got them to do binki when they tried to suck there thumb because its easier to take away a binki than a thumb.


Had four kids not one used one and the last ones were twins. My mother hated them. My grandson did but he was done with it at one himself

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I personally never gave my children pacifiers. I think it’s disgusting and kinda lazy way to comfort the child. To each their own though.


My pediatrician recommended I give my son one when he was having breathing issues. He took to it and kept it till he was 3. Perfect smile now, no braces ever, so it doesn’t cause as many problems as people like to tell you.


Yes, mine usually goes to sleep with it in his mouth and spits it out when he’s good and asleep.

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Yes! My oldest son had to use one to sleep, he had multiple in his crib so he could easily find one in the middle of the night. He’s now 7 :upside_down_face:

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My baby sleeps fine with a pacifier, I’m all for it! If there’s any objectections mind your business and worry bout your own backyard

Yes in fact the sucking of dummy/pacifier helps regulate their breathing and reduces the risk of SIDS

My first child never needed one. Second child popped her thumb in her mouth as soon as she was out! No need for one, as she was obviously a thumb sucker before birth!

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Absolutely, it will generally fall out of their mouth and become half lost once they are asleep lol, some will even NEED something to suck on to get to sleep…so it’s best for mommy/daddy if they give them one.

Avent pacifiers are the safest but make sure you look at the age on the package bc there is different sizes… Studies have shown sleeping with pacifiers helps reduce the risk of SIDS… My first wouldn’t take them til about 6 months but it wasn’t daily… My youngest took to one right away then slowly weened off… I loved the wubby pacifiers bc it was an avent pacifier with an animal attached which help the not lose them… Dentist recommend no pacifiers or bottles after 12 months

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It helps reduce risk of SIDS!!! Helps calm baby…no harm in them, most babies will take them.


Pacifiers actually help with SIDS.


Absolutely. Studies show babies who sleep with a pacifier are less likely to die from SIDS.

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My first two used them until about 3. My last baby refused to take one and I didn’t know what I was going to do. However, it has been easier than I could have ever expected. I didn’t realize how much the paci falling out at night woke up my first two!

From a person who once chewed gum through the night: it couldn’t hurt, and if nothing else you might be able to sleep better

My firstborn used one until he was about 6 months old, when he launched it out of his mouth… and out of of his crib. He never needed one after that.

Yes!! My daughter wasn’t even 24 hours old when I gave her one😂now she will be 9 months on the 30th and she can not go to sleep without it

Absolutely!! My daughter (now 11) couldn’t sleep without hers!

Both of my babies did, I’ve heard it helps prevent SIDS. But I stop letting them use it after they turned a year old, some people have a hard time weaning their children off of them but both of mine handled it okay

Once my children discovered it had no milk they wouldn’t use one. Lol

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Yeah it’s bad for their teeth though

If you’re lucky they will! My 6 mo old will only take a bottle so I have to time it so she’s not getting too full plus u cant leave baby unattended with the bottle like the bink

My son sleep with it till he was 1 then after that when he was 2 he likes to hold it when he sleep

It can actually prevent sids

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Try not to give pacifier at all.

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Yes! Pacifiers can also help reduce the risk of (SIDS). Sucking on a pacifier at nap time/bedtime might reduce the risk of SIDS.


It helps them sleep better, but it is not good using it for a long time

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Yes. It soothes them to sleep so let them have it


Was told by my doctor it is best if they do keeps them breathing

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Mine did. They are in their 50ies & Strong Good Men!!!

Yes, it help’s them sleep better.

Yes or even a boob lol. Mine fell asleep with both lots of nights.:joy:

All mine did and the littlest still does

Yup…all 4 of mine did

they say it reduces chances of SIDS to sleep with one

Your kid your choice

Are these questions for real lately??? Jeez.

I think the question is can they sleep without it :joy::joy::heart:

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Let your baby decide

Yes. Back in 05 when I had my daughter everything I read said that giving them a pacifier to sleep can aid in reducing SIDS.


Our great granddaughter took one and her mom wanted to take it away from her. She wouldn’t go to sleep without it. I used scissors to clip just a little bit off the end. I gave it to her and because the end was off there was no suction. She put it in her mouth and when she tried sucking on it, it immediately fell out of her mouth. She picked it up, threw it under the couch and never wanted it again.

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My daughter does but she wouldn’t take one until she was 6 months and now she has to have it to sleep I use glow in the dark ones for bedtime cause she will usually wake up and she can find it easier. She only likes the mam pacifiers tho. She is 15 months now and still uses one

It’s a personal choice for you and your lil. If it helps both of you sleep, go for it! I found several pacifiers that my son could fit all the way in his mouth make sure this is not the case because then he could not get them back out and it was very scary for him.

Yes it stopped my daughter from sucking her thumb which caused my sister to get problems with her teeth

My baby preferred her fingers. Never liked the pacifier.

Yes, a baby can sleep with a pacifier. It just has to be a correct one: for sleep (the night ones) and for the age of the baby.
Also, has to be changed after 1 month, max.

I personally don’t push pacifiers on littles. It’s too hard to break the habit

Yes. Some studies show that they actually reduce the risk of SIDS too.

Yes, it is actually supposed to help reduce the risk of SIDS. My 3 kids never took to them though.

Yes but it usually falls out when they fall asleep

I’m pretty sure dummy’s have been proven to lower the risks of SIDs
I could be wrong
But both of mine had them

Yes they will pop it out on there own.

Yes, actually reduces the risk of sids

Yep, but breaking the habit is a beast…

Yes and it reduces the risk of SIDS

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All of my kids did. They couldn’t go to sleep without it.