Can anyone share advice on how to get pregnant with your tubes tied without surgery?

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There is none. Tubal ligation is damn near 100% effective at preventing pregnancy and even after reversal surgery the odds of falling pregnant are still significantly diminished.


I mean it isn’t impossible, but damn near it. And those that do somehow get pregnant usually end up having a tubal pregnancy and miscarriage. :frowning:

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This post reeks of “eau de baby trap” :face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking:


There is no way to do that!

You need to speak with your ob-Gyn physician to get the facts ,but I believe other than surgery to get the ligature on your ovarian tubes removed and special meds to help with returned function- there is probably not a way to get pregnant-as far as success of that particular surgery you need to consult with a fertility MD to get the latest!

Pray for a miracle :roll_eyes: