Can anyone suggest some popular baby girl names?

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Skye, Emma-Grace, Rayne.

Mackenzie!! My daughter Mackenzie Holmes is one of a kind! :heart::heart::heart:



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Crystal .amy
.remmie poppy.quinn khallesi

Joellen, Muriel, Jocelyn

My daughter name is larnamarie Elizabeth x

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wait until the kid’s @ 6 and let her name herself. seriously though, put a lot of thought into it. you don’t want to name her anything that will cause her grief as she gets older

Gabriella Lynn has always been my favorite

Lily :heart:may not be popular but nice

Ryen Noel, Payton Noel, Rylen Noel, Braylen Noel, Lane Noel

Go unique…not popular.

Bristol girl

Mattea, Rhain, Tylah

Natalie, Isabella, Kaitlyn. May not be popular they sound nice.

Willow Lilly Karma Jasmine Laine Roree Claire Pippa

We’re naming our daughter Freya

Before we found out our baby is a boy, we had plans on naming our daughter Presley.

Mthaniya is a Zulu name eminating from one strong woman who was instrumental in building the Zulu nation to be among the strongest in Africa.

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Mine are called Kyra, Abigail and Emily

My oldest daughter is Name Evanie

Caroline, Annabelle, Liana

Brealynn Victoria, Sophia, Ava.

If my son and daughter-in-law have. Girl her name will be Stella we will find out soon

I named my daughter Jamielynn

Caydance, Lyrica, Nichele, Dove, Havana

Violet, Penelope, Paige, Rayne

Julianna, Breanna, Tori, Kelli

Aniya,Londyn, Paris,Bria

Chevelle Rose, Chloe-jane,