Can anyone suggest unique vintage boy names?

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Alvin, Charles, Linus, Herbert, Melvin, Jasper

Sebastian is one. I know a Thaddeus that goes by “Tad”. Caspian is a cool name from C.S. Lewis books.

Jeeze seems to be Bob, Steve, Tim and Joe. Because everyone is naming their boys Aiden, River, Forrest and Kite. Lol :laughing:

So the plain ol names are now vintage lol

Hulon, Sidney, Claude, Harold, Rye,

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Everett. Abraham. John. (I have a John Wayne :heart_eyes:)

Love the name Archie since riverdale. Lol.

Tobias, Nathaniel, Finn, Feragus

Henry, Finn, Edward, Thomas

Vintage? Caesar, Maximus . . . Gunter

My son’s name is Constantine

Tommy, Arthur, Alfie, Oswald, Finn, Charlie, Chester, Winston, Michael, Jonathan.

Ethan, Victor, Bernard, Maynard Conor, Patrick

Wade, Atticus, Benjamin, Titus

Asher Theodore Emmett Able Bennet

Julius, Marcus, Sebastian, Leonard, Victor

Idk how vintage I’d consider it but my son is Elliott Hart :blue_heart:

Harold, Ludwig, Adolf

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Aurelius, Claude, Cassian or Cassius, William, Edgar, Henry, Victor, Charles, Zacharias or Zachariah

My great Grandfathers name was “ Truelove”

Ezra, Leigh, Ira, Erwin, Darold, Irvine, James, Pete, Melvin, Deward, Keith, Grover, Earl,

Darwin agbort Edward

Romeo, Antonio,Peter,Joseph,Miguel,John

Albert, Marvin, Leroy, Lloyd, Ralph, Fredrick, Otis, Bernard,

Eli , Elijah , Josiah , Joseph , Alfred , Matthew , David , John , Micheal , Gabriel, Tobias , Cassius , Henry , Edward , George , Louie , Lewis , Stephen , Noah , Issac , Isaiah , Jasper , Everett , Arthur , emmett, Chester ,

My son’s name is Dante and it’s ancient Latin

My grandfathers were Stanley and Anthony

Virgil, Henry, Charles

Elias, eli for short

Raymond Augustus and William George were my grandfathers names

corneilus, albert, francis,

Theodore, Lincoln, Henry, Rufus, Edward, Edmund, Ronald

Exodus, Exie for short.
Elba, or Elbie.
(My granfathers)

Some say Papaws name was not Exodus but I believe it was, second book of the Bible. Exodus means to depart and Papaw was sure good at that

Johan(nes), Thor, Rolf, Rafael, Amos, Thaddeus, Nicholas, Constantine, Pascal, Edmund, Ethelbert, Kirk, Vaclav, Marcus.

Charles, James, Raymond, Curtis,
Robert, Dennis