Can anyone tell me how to get rid of lice naturally with vinegar?

Use hand sanitizer, kid you not. Kills everything, you don’t have to pick at all. Use it everyday like a shampoo for a week

Tincture of green soap kills them and the eggs and the eggs comb right off

You can’t. Use vodka. Lol. It really works. Cover kids face good though. 🤷

Put it in a spray bottle, full strength, and spray the person who gave your kid lice until they promise they’ll never do it again!


If it is possible dye her heir. Same colour as it is. That got rid of all the kids in school. Never came back

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Mix Olive oil salt to kill adults nymphs put on shower cap sleep overnight and spray vinegar to kill nits… Bag all pillows stuffed animals ,used bedding in big trash bag for a week… vaccum if still got bugs it’s super lice nothing will touch them best to take to pedatritian get the 2 pills per person called Sklice ,Natroba or malathion but Malathion has to be 6 or older …take one a WeeK… or every 8days…

Put tea tree oil in shampoo and conditioner

Dry and flat iron hair.heat of iron will pop them dead…repeat till gone

Just keep checking your childs hair everyday after school, it is apart of our routine because I’m fussy with my daughters long beautiful hair.

Vinegar and baby oil half/half heat to as hot as they can stand leave on for 30 minutes comb then wash this information is from pediatrician

About 50-60 years ago we washed hair in coal-oil, lice gone.

Pour vinager onto said lice

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Coconut oil works great

We used mayonnaise and coconut oil

No you need regular alcohol it will kill lice.

Mayonnaise will kill them

Mayonnaise smothers them

I’ve been using this every single day on my girls’ hair and they’ve never had lice. Walmart sells it and amazon.

I used old fashioned, not eco friendly dishwashing liquid, in my kid’s hair. It has to be petrol based. The nits just combed out with a lice comb and the lice were dead on contact, brilliant.

I’ve heard use vinegar and olive oil mixed equally, then wrap in Saran Wrap for 30 min then wash out.

You have to get rid of the nits, literally pick them out with your finger nails. Use the comb first.

Coat their hair with mayo. Thick. Let it sit for a while then rinse. It suffocates the live ones and lubricates the eggs off the hair stand


tea tree oil in shampoo bottle with get rid of and prevent them

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The Mayo thing works. Just Mayo. My daughter had lice when she was little. And Mayo was the only way I could get rid of them.

I tried all these home remedies and it never truly got rid of it. Then I found LiceFree and its been gone ever since.

Had to do this to my kids when they were young. I used mineral oil a warm towel wrapped around thier heads for about 30 mins then combed thier hair then used dawn dish soap ( had to use it a couple of times due to the oil) them conditioned hair. Used hair jell or hair spray itaht didn’t give the lice anything to stick to they don’t like diry hair( hence the hair jell , hair spray)they like clean hair my kids never got them again.

I worked at a daycare and I kept getting them for a year off and on. I used regular medicated stuff and it didn’t work. I used heavy Mayo and really soaked it in after getting my hair wet. I let it sit for hours then rinsed. Yep finally got rid of them that way.

Blow dry A LOT. The heat kills them and gets them off the head. And comb out those eggs

They can’t tolerate heat… So i washed with the hottest water possible (without burning the scalp) and used a hairdryer 2-3 times never had to use anything special… Except the comb

Pinterest has a recipe that you can put in a spray bottle and use on your( while Family) bedding and coats, hats ect. I was able to give this recipe all made up in a spray bottle that he used while he was living in a shelter(he chose to live there)and someone had lice. Diatomaceous earth work on carpets and flooring and is no toxic to people and pets. But you will need to stay out of the house for at least a day after you dust it everywhere. Vacuum it up and any bugs will be gone. As for her hair, my mom used some treatment from the store when I had it and I was about 7 or so and I’m 45 now. Good luck!

Mayo, coat the hair and put a shower cap on. Then use your nit comb, several times. Repeat the next day to catch any stragglers.

Suave shampoo has an ingredient the lice dont like.

Baking soda and water rub it all through hair then add vinegar it will foam and then the nits turn hard and come right out…but you have to wash and spray vachum every thing in house and i men everything your vehicle…

And make sure u wash everything they have been in contact with

Mayo put plastic cap over hair

Despite anything you do to “wash out the lice”, the key is to comb out the nits from the hair. If there are any eggs left on the hair strands, they will hatch and you will have lice again.

90% isopropyl alcohol on the hair and scalp. Cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Will suffocate and kill whatever is there. Comb out the nits and lice before shampooing.

Ive always used rubbing alcohol soak head completely with rubbing alcohol then put bag over head and let soak for 20 min then comb out gets rid of naturally and makes hair super soft

Heard from school nurse at my job…never tried🤷‍♀️

Pour a can of coca cola over head, let it dry. Leave on head all night. Wash with dawn dish soap following morning.

Olive oil overnight.

Just use Nix. It kills them. If your kid eats fast food or Kraft macaroni and cheese in the blue box, Nix isn’t gonna hurt them.

Try Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. It works great! You put it on the hair blow dry it and leave it for 8 hours. Then wash it out. It suffocates them. & it’s not harmful to the hair! You can repeat as often as you need to get them all out.

Coconut oil and a hair straightener! Once a week and it will keep them away. The hair straightener will fry the eggs so they don’t hatch.

If you have insurance you can have your doctor order “Sklice”. You shampoo it in once, let sit 10 minutes, and rinse and no combing or retreating needed. It is a miracle shampoo for sure!!

We used Vaseline on our hair and put a shower cap on it to suffocate the adults lice. The wash with dawn to remove and rise with vinegar and a lice comb to remove eggs.

Dawn dish soap stand 10 minutes comb than Rinse thoroughly

  1. Pick their head and use a lice meister lice comb.
    2.Then flat iron their hair on high heat, visual check every day.
  2. Repeat in 5 to 7 days for formality or as needed if sooner but if you are thorough you won’t need it sooner.
  3. Check 3-5 days later just to calm your nerves they will be lice free if you were thorough.
    5.For this to work you must wash all bedding and stuffies in hot water high heat. I use a fabric steamer to steam their mattress or put a mattress cover on it.

I have 3 kids 2 are girls with long hair, I don’t use chemicals, mayo vinager treatments they never worked for me. This treatment is usually 1 and done and maybe a follow up a week later just to calm my nerves. :wink:

I’m not sure about vinegar but I’ve used an all natural lice killer off of Amazon and it worked amazing. Only took 2 or 3 weeks for them to be completely gone which was only 4 or 6 treatments. I still have the bottle in case of them coming back but its been about 2 years now. Its really important to treat the surrounding area too, we took all stuffed animals or anything that could hide lice or eggs and we put them in garbage bags for weeks, all bedding went into the dryer to kill any bugs on it before they were washed and dried again. We also replaced all of our hair brushes.

Antiseptic mouthwash, soaked and bagged for at least 30-60 mins, then rinsed kills any live bugs. Then spray down with white vinegar (which breaks the “glue” on the eggs and allows you to easily comb/pick them out) and can redo if needed and then a few drops of tea tree oil in the shampoos, or just shampoos that already have tea tree oil in them.

I heard tea tree oil not vinegar.

Honestly you need to just use the recommended unnatural ways. My niece has a bad time with lice and none of the “natural” ways work

nothing is going to work if you don’t get all the eggs and live ones picked out! Remember that.

Once your rid of lice you can prevent them from getting them again
It only cost $1.00 at the dollar tree always wash the children’s hair in coconut oil shampoo!!!
When I was a room mother I passed that on to all mothers years ago
It works!!!
It make sure you are rid of them by heavy cleaning your house
The live don’t like coconut oil anything they can’t live on the person

Mayo cover with plastic.

Coconut oil or mayo slathered thickly all over hair with a disposable shower cap for 2 hrs. Wash & rinse, apply vinegar on hair, to help loosen the glue that attaches the bits to hair. The use tea tree oil infused in your shampoo. Best shampoo that helps get rid of them without being "lice shampoo " is T gel shampoo, it’s fairly cheap and only takes a small amount. You need to wash and DRY all bedding, pillows, clothing and put all stuffed animals in a dryer for at least 40 minutes on high heat, use the spray for your furniture and inside you car. Don’t forget backpacks/diaper bags/purses and shoes.

I do everything naturally but when it comes to my kid having lice, I buy the lice treatment and get rid of them. With all of these natural treatments you’re going to have to get every single egg or you can use mayo every day for a month because of the hatching eggs. I’d rather get rid of the problem in under an hour.

Nah girl dont be lazy. Go thru the hair and take em out one by one every day until theyre gone. 3-4 hours at a time. U let ur kid get lice, handle it

Apple cider vinegar. Pour onto the head and use a bag and a towel so it doesn’t go in the eyes. Let sit 10 and comb through with a lice comb. Metal lice combs are amazing.

You can use mayonnaise as a hark mask to kill them as well which has oil and vinegar already in it. I would suggest calling the pediatrician and asking for a prescription for Sklice. Not natural but it works

Good luck with what they call this super lice not going to work had to take my granddaughter to a place called The Lice place hundred fifty bucks within 45 minutes she was lice free they will Retreat free within 30 days if she got it again

Go to the pharmacy and get a lice kit

I used vinegar and conditioner and I wrap the kids hair up in a bag for a hour. It worked for me. But I have boys and their hair is short, so it was easy to get rid of lice

My son got so tired of lice tried. Everything shaved her head.She loved it.

The vinegar destroys the glue that holds the nit to the hair as well as weakens the egg shell is what I have read.

Use dawn dish soap instead. Or tea tree oil.