Can anyone tell me how to get rid of lice naturally with vinegar?

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Coconut oil with tea tree oil smothered on hair and scalp, put a plastic bag over hair for as long as you can handle, use a lice comb comb from scalp to end of hair all over head with coconut oil still in. Very important to go from scalp to end of hair. This will grab any live bugs and also eggs. And then you must pick every egg off the hair. It’s very very time consuming but it does work. I actually did this daily until no more live bugs were found (they hatch often from the eggs if left behind).


You can smother the lice with oil and a shower cap, but you still need to comb to get the eggs out. You can also use a flat iron for extra help. There are also shampoos that have a fragrance the bugs don’t like to prevent them from coming back or jumping to another person. Good luck

Mayonnaise. Cover the hair completely. Cover with plastic wrap. Leave for at least an hour.


Vinegar is good for cleaning and cooking. If you or your kid has lice go to the shops buy a treatment and use it ffs and then comb hair daily and then in a week retreat to ensure you have gotten everything and broken their life cycle,


Add also tea tree to leave in conditioners or detanglers an I guarantee they won’t come back… that’s the problem a lot of the time is that they keep coming back, sometimes if one egg hatches ( they take 7-10 days to hatch) the problem starts all over

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Not vinegar but I got rid of it almost instantly in 5 kids and my husband and me with Listerine. The original kind. Brown. We put on our heads, wore a shower cap for 3 days . The smell stays in awhile, but that helped deter any ones that were on furniture. I never had to clean linen, couches, car, nothing. It was a one time deal. Wiped them out. Eggs and all. Did a repeat in 7 days but I was told I didn’t have to but at that point I’d spent 600 dollars on “Professional removal” so I did it an exta week. Good luck!!

I mix half half with detangler and white vinager, saturate my hair in it and leave it in for an hour and then comb it out. it will take a bit to do it, and you will have to do it more than once.

Hand sanitizer. Soak hair, cover in a shower cap & let sit for 30 minutes or as long as the person will allow.

Shampoo, condition & dry. No combing needed.


White vinegar but it smells horrid and will burn if you have a cut too

Mayonnaise. Cover the hair thickly and put a grocery bag around the hair. Leave in for an hour and then comb it out. Repeat as needed.

Honestly , I used to get it so bad I’d have to shave all my hair off (my mom didn’t want to deal with it and would embarrass me )
But I dyed my hair one time , and started using a straightener once of twice a week & never had it again! Didn’t have to use all that stuff in my hair


they have recently started making a new lice killer that is a salt based foam. no dangerous insecticides, it literally DRIES the lice and their eggs out. you’ll still have to comb everything out, but its the only one and done killer i’ve found

Vinegar will only help loosen the eggs to comb out, won’t kill adults.


i used a vinegar/mayo combination and coconut shampoo after as a preventative, also blow drying/ hot irons frequently, and hair in a bun and hair spray to prevent.

I don’t know about vinegar, but there’s a spraycalled Licefreee you can get at Wal-Mart or Dollar General. You spray all the hair and let it totally dry. This stuff kills the bugs and the eggs, and it’s non-toxic to people! We shouldn’t be using the poison on our kids. It absorbs into their system. And please don’t put gasoline on a child’s head :fearful:


Cover the hair and scalp very generously with baby oil, shower cap or plastic bag over the hair, let it sit for a few hours, comb it with the lice comb, repeat multiple times yes u can do this back to back and then wash ur hair…my mom would do this on me and my sister and have them gone in a day.

Coconut oil! It kills them and they come right out when you comb.

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Smother the hair in conditioner

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Remember after you treat the head you have to treat the whole house. Wash all bedding, bag up stuffed animals and anything they could have gotten on to. Wash all pillows and pillow cases

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My kids went to a school that was terrible about lice. After using the prescription stuff a few times, rid, mayo, etc, the best method i found was listerine mouthwash! I got the cheap version from dollar tree, soaked their hair in it for about an hour under a plastic cap washed, combed with the lice comb and repeated that in a couple days. I added some tea tree oil to their conditioner and leave in products and I’ve never had a problem again!

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Put Mayo on hair for about an hour cover with cap or bag. Then wash out using a beer. Comb out in small sections. After all hair is complete go back over again with the comb just to ensure you got all nits.

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Nothing worked for my daughter , when she came home from school with them. We had to get a prescription from her pediatrician


Use tea tree oil. Add it to shampoo


My grandma used Mayonnaise. Make sure you cover every inch of head cover with plastic bag and leave for a hour and a half. Wash out and comb out the little bugs. If that doesn’t work you could always use kerosene… Yes I said kerosene. Hold you head upside down soak hair for 20 mins wash out and comb and a good thing about the kerosene is it does kill lice, very effective and leaves your hair so soft. And the smell of kerosene will keep new lice from getting in your hair and yes both of these actually work… Country living

I tried the Shampoo medicated stuff they sell in the drugstore the only thing that worked I went to Sam’s and bought a huge thing of mayonnaise covered her head and mayonnaise wrapped it with them plastic wrap left it for one hour then I had to comb it out and it worked out

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A chick just posted she worked in a lice treatment center (ok?) and peppermint oil was the only thing that worked and it was instant.

Soak hair in mouthwash, make sure it is kind with alcohol in it, in a shower cap for 1 hour, then rinse out hair, they usually just fall out. I use lysol to spray anything I can’t wash.

Mayonnaise in the hair over night, coat it all good. Wrap it up good. Wash it out next morning, however many times it takes 2 or 3 normally.The oil smothers lice and the vinegar in it loosens eggs from hair. Repeat in a few days if any doubt or just to be extra sure. 3 or 4 dollars will get a regular size jar(were I’m from at least) and that will do a lot of hair. Plus your hair is really soft afterwards. It works I’ve had to use it on 3 separate occasions throughout the years. It does feel gross though, I’m not gonna lie. But it works amazingly I swear!

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I used a hair straightener after treatment to burn the eggs.

Wash hair everyday and comb through with fine teeth comb. Seach thoroughly for the eggs with your fingers. You can get the lice out but as long as the eggs remain, you’ll keep getting new ones.
Kids sweat and have food in their hair everyday, it is necessary to keep it oil free and dirt free.

Natroba!! Not natural, but the doc can give you a treatment (just have to call it in, dont even have to go up there) it will get rid of the lice and nits in 10mins!! No combing or anything , I had a house full of children with it. Used it once on each child… Hasn’t been a problem in over a year.

One time my dad put mayo all over my hair, a shower cap, and put a heating pad on. My hair was greasy for a week but it worked.

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I’ve always gone through the old fashioned way, lots of hair conditioner and a comb.

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Put vinegar on for 30 min the soak with fabric softener and comb everything comes out the fabric softener loosen the nits

Olive oil! They fall straight out so have them sit in the tub.

Cover entire head/hair with peanut butter & let sit for 30 minutes. Might sound crazy but it works. Other then that, I would just get from store the actual treatment. I had unfortunately had issues myself when I was younger with getting lice multiple times. A few of my best school friends lived out of a hotel that was infested with those & bedbugs. I would sneak over there after school as it was right across the block so I would go there before walking home. Every time I ended getting the lice all over again. I wasn’t allowed there because of it which is why I had to sneak lol. We decided that if they wanted to come over, my mom would have to do treatments on them first. Yea story of my middle school life. My experience is the treatment is what works best.

Olive oil mixed with tea tree oil

They also make an electric comb now that zaps them dead without hurting or using chemicals on your kids. WalMart should have it.

Prescription was only thing that solved it sklice one time and spinosad the next … they are so hard to kill will over the counter stuff. Edit to fix spelling

Saturate hair and scalp with vinegar or original Listerine, let set on hair for at least 30 minutes, then use coconut oil (suffocates them buggers)all through out hair and scalp and let set covered with a shower cap for at least 4-8 hours. Use a nit comb to comb out. Wash hair. When dry, for good measure, use a flattening iron and run hair through in small sections starting at the very top.

My children and I are mixed. My daughter has very long curly, thick hair and she’s had lice 2 summers in a row, gross! I got rid of them by using peroxide (I know it lightens the hair, condition well after using), very hot blow dryer (again do not overdo it, only to kill the eggs and weaken the “glue” on the shafts of hair) and a very hot flat iron for the same reason as blow dryer followed by a lice comb and neurotically combing every inch of the hair daily for at least a week. Make sure you’re doing this outside or wherever you’re doing it you lay down a barrier between your furniture a floor and quickly wash or dispose of, vacuum etc as soon as you’re done “treatment” in my experience the lice shampoos and treatments didn’t work but heat and peroxide surely did.

We used Vaseline and then put a shower cap on overnight. Wash with dawn in the morning and take a tick comb to pick out the eggs. Wash and spray bedsheets/pillow cases and couches. Continue doing it every few days for 2 weeks since eggs can hatch after 2-3 days of being laid.

Put it in the hair and leave it for a while.

Tub of mayo,WalMart bag,and dawn dish soap… Lather the head up with mayo and tie a bag around the head,give it about 20-30mins and then rinse out and wash about 2 times with dawn dish soap . Keep up washing the head with dawn for about every other day to 2 days

Works 100 per cent cover the entire hair with helmens Mayo wrap head with seran wrap leave on for 30 min than rinse with white vinegar than comb than shampoo this was from a pediatrician and you can do it as often as necessary will not damage the hair

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Nope. Give me all the chemicals


Mayonnaise then put a shower cap over it. Let it sit for a lil bit


Make sure you’re treating bedding, cars, car seats, furniture, hats and now masks.

Dilute the vinegar down a wee bit with hot water straight vinegar on the head is cold and burns

Cetaphil (the face wash)works great even on super lice.

tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner…

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Mayonnaise works
Tea tree oil is good too

Yes vinegar will do it

Flat iron every inch of that hair :wink:

Can you just give your child relief and get a lice killer. Jfc

Tea tree oil and pantene

I have scalp psoriasis so I routinely wash my hair with baking soda and rinse with apple cider vinegar and rosemary water. A visitor brought lice over several years back and I was the only housemate who wasn’t affected. Take that anecdote for whatever it’s worth.

Coconut oil or mayonnaise

We just use conditioner and use lice comb every morning no need to make ur baby suffer all these nonsense remedies tea tree oil r u serious poor kiddos

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We do mayo mask for a few hours ( overnight if possible with shower cap) then spend the next day picking it all out strand by strand. Tea tree in shampoo, daily hair washes then 5-7 days later repeat the mayo mask and pick thru. Its a process but its the only way we’ve found to be completely free of it lol

Tea tree oil works perfectly and a bag. Also put a little in your shampoo conditioner and it repells them. Make sure to only put a drop or 2 in your stuff or the smell of the Tea tree oil will over power your shampoo and conditioner.

Use I hot iron to kill everything on the hair. Get a real love treatment to kill ones on the scalp first. An actual medicated treatment! Then wash everything!

Listerine. Plain brown. Cover with a bag for 30 min or so then rinse and comb with a good metal lice comb.

Whatever you do. Repeat every 3 to 7 days for at least 2 weeks. Need to get the eggs and the hatchlings and the new adults that haven’t laid yet. Females lay abt 6 eggs a day.

Don’t bother, just use proper nit stuff, for the sake of everyone.

Comb, comb, comb, comb, comb. Me and my Four long haired girls got it years ago. Was a nightmare. None of the treatments worked

If a male just shave heads. U can use mayo also.

As natural as you’ll get.

This and after this killed all the lice and I got all the lice and nits out, I started spritzing the hair with tea tree oil mixed with water daily every morning. No more live since. I used 1 tsp tea tree oil per 12oz of water

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I tried everything and the only thing that truly works every time is Lice free and it is all natural.

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Soak kids head in vinegar, cover their hair with a towel and then a bonnet to keep on all night or all day. Let it dry completely. Then you’re gonna throw the towel and bonnet away. And comb out the lice, you may have to hand pick out eggs. Make sure all toys, bedding, towels, literally anything fabric is washed and dried on high heat or thrown away if it can be. Also vacuum the house and car completely especially the car seat.

I would try olive oil or coconut oil under a shower cap, comb out, and rinse.

That’s how you kill mites and eggs on snakes. The oil suffocates them.

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Soak hair in listerine mouth wash. Put a shower cap on for a half an hour. Rinse out with. Water. Wash with vinegar and then comb out. The alcohol in the listerine will smother them and the vinegar releases the eggs from the hair.

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Please don’t do it. Super Lice can only be killed with a prescription.

Mayonnaise best to be slept in and covered.

Don’t do any home remedies ask your dr to prescribe you a medicine called “SKLICE”, it works wonders trust me. You just rub it in hair & let it sit & cover with bag or shower cap, then wash it out & comb the hair with the lice comb. Keep repeating if you want to be on safe side.

Shayma Ahmad remember old days back when we were kids​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Interesting information

Kill them naturally because lice lives matter :rofl:


Olive oil drenched. Like the whole bottle of olive oil in head. Then wrap hair with ceran wrap. Then wrap with towel. Sleep overnight like this.
Next day carefully unwrap. Most will be just inside the ceran wrap dead. The rest will be dead in scalp. Comb them out with lice comb. Then shower with hot water, shampoo and apple cider vinegar to remove the oil. This kills the eggs too. After 2 years of on and off lice, and chemical treatments in the middle school years we were at witts end. This worked! and they never came back.

When my daughter had lice I had a lice removal service come to my house. They said to sleep with her head drenched in olive oil for a week. We used a shower cap to keep it from being messy. Then to comb out with a metal comb in the morning and wash with dawn dish soap. It worked, no more lice. Because we used the lice shampoo multiple times and that crap didn’t work, they kept coming back. It’s also poison.


Both will work on live ones but will not kill eggs you will have to get rid of all the eggs. Treat wilth over the couter lice shampoo remove as many eggs as you can clean everything. Then blow dry the whole families scalps every day for ten days to kill any new hatchers

We always used mayo with a bag for a few hours (helps the eggs slide off) or pinesol… the Pinetop doesn’t burn and I happened to love the smell

I use Lice Freee. Make sure it’s the spray. All you do is saturate the dry hair & let it dry. I leave it on for 24 hours. You don’t have to comb it. It works very well for my special needs kiddo. He chews his hair. You still need to keep it out of eyes.

We used listerine mouthwash to kill any live lice.Soaked for an hr with shower cap on then applied vinegar, soaked for another hr to loosen nits. Still had to comb it out but it worked! Had used lice shampoo twice and it didn’t work! Good luck that is so frustrating!

Tea tree oil also put some in your regular shampoo and you won’t get lice again.


I took my daughter to Lice Clinic of America. It was pricey, but so worth it! I had no clue what I was doing. Also, wash EVERYTHING! if it can’t be washed, put it in garbage bags for at least a week

I had 4 girls and used mayo…They slide off the hair…even the nits.Gave a good shine to hair too :grin:and a mixture of bay rum and t tree oil kept them away.Put in spray bottle and do a light spray on hair.All my girls had long hair and it worked very well.


When my daughter got love, I was not sure what it was or how to treat it. Her pediatrician prescribed what they call sklice. We used it 2 times and also had to wash everything in the house. Bagged up all stuffed animals. And constantly comb our hair.

The one I know of is soak the hair in blue mouth wash cover hair with bag or shower cap and leave for 2 hours then rise . Repeat every 2 -3 days for 2 weeks. It took years of chemical treatments, shaving heads, hiring a lice service ect…till I tried this and we have never had it again. I had 4 girls and just make sure it doesn’t get in eyes. I would wrap a towel around their shoulders while they waited. Watched cartoons while I cleaned house. They hated it but it has been over 10 years and never again had them. Good luck with whatever way you go.

My daughter just used this Vamousse both he boys had lice it comes out like shaving cream she got it at walmart worked fantastic leave on for I think 15 minutes and wash out

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Coconut oil or mayo let it sit for a while and comb them out!

I use tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner on my daughter. Try to keep them off as much as possible :persevere: i know its hard especially when they go to school.

I don’t think the vinegar gets rid of them so much as it helps dissolve the ‘glue’ they use to get the nits on the hair shaft. So it’s easier to comb the nits.

Wash hair, pour warm apple cider vinegar over the hair, let it sit under a shower cap, and comb. The best thing for lice is to comb comb comb with a good metal comb


We did every kind of treatment possible, and kept finding more. My daughter has extremely thick and curly hair. What finally ACTUALLY killed them all was using my straight iron on her hair in very small sections. I thoroughly washed her hair after with a tea trea oil shampoo and combed a fine comb through it to get them out

Ugh. No, these things really don’t work. You have to use a product that kills the nits also, and physically remove them daily. For days.


I don’t play games with lice. Buy something designated to kill them and ease your mind IMO

The problem with lice is not getting them off of your body, it is getting them out of your house. Children’s stuffed animals are the worst. Put them in a large garbage bag and seal tight. Place bag in the sun. Hot water wash all linens, throw rugs, bleach brushes, combs and pillow cases. Toss clothes just hanging around the house into dryer then rehang. Don’t forget to get your car interior. It is a carrier as well. Good luck. It’s a nightmare.


You can also douse hair with tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil, they can both be used as preventative measures as well

Ky jelly and a plastic cap. Saturate the hair with the jelly put the cap.on and leave on for a few hours. This will sufacate the louse and losen the eggs so you can slide them off the hair strands. Remember to pick them off outside.

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