Can babies have popcorn?

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At what age is it OK to give little ones popcorn


Mine at it regularly by 14 months.


My little guy is 18 months and loves popcorn! When you feel ready go for it.


I give my 2 year olds puff corn … my kids don’t get real popcorn till age six.


5-8 are the usual recommendations.

I would consult your doctor… they’ll have a better idea based on your child. Mine didn’t recommend hot dogs, grapes or popcorn until 4 years old. Even cut up. All about what your doctor / medical professionals say

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My 3 year eats it under close supervision


My kid got it at like 18 mos. I just made sure he didn’t get any unpopped or half popped pieces.

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Never. I’m 26 and I can still barely eat it without choking :joy:


I say 4 to 6. But it all depends on the kid. My 3 and a half year old does fine. But he eats it slow.

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When your child is ready you will know

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I gave both mine at 3. Just give them piece by piece like I did… you know what popcorn looks and feels like. Pick and choose which one you give them. :wink:

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I would not give it to anyone younger than 5 years of age. :cry::cry:

Both my kids ate it before 2. They had all their teeth early. Now my 3yr old eats it all the time and the 2yr old just started asking for it more often. You’ll know when

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My almost two year old and 4 year old eat popcorn. Just depends on the child.

Mine eats it, he’s almost 2.

Never lol popcorn scares the crap out of me!


I believe it is four, same with hot dogs.

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My daughter is 2 and loves popcorn.

I would ask your pediatrician

My daughter is going to be 3 next month and she’s just started eating it.

like 2 or 3 the little kernels that get stuck in your teeth worry me with choking

but popcorn isn’t that bad

My kids were all about 2

I don’t think I was allowed to eat it until I was four or five… but I’d wait tbh… I still get the kernels stuck in my throat & sometimes gums


My 1 year old eats it. And hotdogs. I watch her like a hawk when she eats it. But if you let her she will devour an entire bag by herself.

My younger is 3 she have never had popcorn .

My nieces friends son died when he aspirated on a popcorn kernel he found on the floor. He was 2. My son eats the soft popcorn with no kernel, I check every piece before he eats it and make sure there is no kernel.

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My son is 2.5yo and still hasn’t had popcorn :woman_shrugging:t2:

My son choose his age at the right 10 months. He grabbed it out of my bowl & ate it. We watch him, make sure he’s sitting. He loves it! Now he’s 19 months old, no issues.
At 10 months he was eating solid chunks of veggies & fresh fruit. So he was used to texture. I wouldn’t recommend 10 months old. Maybe around 2?

Mine is almost 3 and I bite off the part with the kernels and give her the soft part

My son eats popcorn fine and hes 3. Depends I on your child I recon.

After 3, was what I read. They always says 3 and under for small choking hazard parts.

My son will be 2 in October2019, when we have popcorn we just give him the fluffy kernels.

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My daughter is 4 and not allowed to have any.

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My son eats popcorn fine at 3.5.

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This is a great alternative, my 19mnth old has been eating them since 8mnths, they dissolve pretty fast and taste exactly like popcorn without the kernels


My daughters 3 and I still won’t give her popcorn lol I’m so scared about the little pieces getting stuck in her throat

I give my 2 year old cheesy puffcorn or the buttery kind. Regular popcorn you pop yourself I wont give to her yet.

My 2 yr old loves the puff popcorn

My daughter has been eating popcorn since she was about 2. It’s one of her favorite snacks. Everyone is different. If you feel safe and keep and eye on them they will be fine.

My daughter eats them since 1 yr but i clean them for her. I take the hard. Its off.

My son was about 11 or 12 months when I gave him his first bite or two of popcorn. He saw me having some and he has to try everything mama and dada eat or drink… of course make sure the brown shell pieces and unpopped kernels were not on the pieces I gave. Popcorn is actually very soft and melts in your mouth, so the chewing is actually pretty easy. The danger is the unpopped kernels and shell pieces that get stuck in your teeth and throat… even happens to adults. Also if they breathe it in it can give them an infection. My son was able to do Vienna sausage by 9/10 months though so he understands chewing and already has 1 molar now. I would probably be comfortable with giving him a whole serving of popcorn if I checked for the shells and kernels first. He’s 13 months now.

When you’re confident they won’t choke on it. My first one learned to stop over stuffing his mouth by shoving 3/4 a banana down his throat whole when he was 1. He was fine with popcorn soon as I was. Second one shoves more than fits in his mouth, 3 and I still have concerns.

It should say on the packet not suitable for children under certain age

When they have all their teeth I do mean all of them I have had 5 babies

Not until they have a LOT of teeth. I still get chocked sometimes when I eat popcorn!! Of course that is just one opinion. Good luck!!

Give them a small piece and see how they do. They dont learn unless you give them the chance