Can babies sleep with a blanket?

How many ftm let their infant 4+ months sleep with a blanket. My daughter has slept with one since she was a week old and has always adjusted it so she could breath. I’ve tried not giving her one but she wont sleep without a blanket or her stuffed animal security blanket she has to have one or the other.


When my kids were born we lived in an old, drafty farm house in the Great Lakes states and we were poor. They had options, blanket, sharing the bed with the rest of the family or freezing to death.
You have to do what works for you.

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My daughter sleeps with one! She never liked to be swaddled, but she always had to have her blanket. And now, she wont fall asleep without it sometimes.

My son is now 1 and he has always had his blanket he will not go to sleep without it. And he also likes it up around his face.

My son has to have a teddy blanket and to be tucked in under another blanket. Been that way since birth

My sister got too hot to be in a burrito wrap she untucked herself when doctors said it.

My daughter has had blankets from birth. She is now almost 2 and has one blanket she has to have all day and night lol

My son hated to be swaddled and he wanted his blanket right around his face. He still does and he’s 7 months

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If your worried use a breathable blanket. I did that for both of my kids

If your worried use a breathable blanket. I did that for both of my kids

Musselin blankets seem the best option in my opinion just because if I smash it across my face I can still breathe threw it. One of my boys was the same way and wanted a blanket and so I’d let him go to sleep with it and then carefully remove it before I went to sleep.

My kids have always slept with blankets from day one. But they also slept in bed with me

Both of my boys were sleeping with blankets when they were a few weeks old. They loved when the blanket would lay at their cheek around to under their chin to lay down across their chest.

Sure has. Im not a ftm but my 5m old baby has had one since day 1 and so did my other two… Kids hated swaddling… My 5m old is my first winter baby. But she was freezing when she was born so shes had one since born. Even in hospital. (she was born outside in my drive way. I delivered her myself)

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Both of my kids have had blankets since we came home from the hospital

My son hates being swaddled. Loves his blankets though, he’s had one every night since birth and he’s almost 3m now.

My daughter would only fall to sleep with a comforter on her face, used to scare the shit outta me…xx

Take the blanket nd swaddle her with it. My princesses loved/love it.

My son has been since birth

It sounds like the blanket situation is working fine for you. If you are concerned, maybe look at the sleep bags on Amazon.

Mine did. I tucked it under their arms and it was fine.

They make very light breathable blankets that work great, they’re lighter than recieving blankets and really big, mine still work for my 2 year old

My son sleeps with a blanket but i carefully tuck it underneath him and away from his face. He always sleeps wearing his owlet monitor so if he starts having breathing issues his monitor will alert us.

I always have covered my kids with blankets. I have a 6 year old a 14 month old and a 3 month old. Obviously my 6 year old sleeps in his own room but my other 2 are in my room in their own beds

Mine did just fine with one around a month. My 2nd kept rolling on her belly when she slept, her Dr said she should be fine she’s old enough to pull her face away and not suffocate.

Got 3 kids since birth I gave them a blanket and they are all alive and very healthy :100: just be careful with heavy blanket give a thin baby blanket and that should be enough

My child is. 3 weeks. She sleeps with blanket pillows and covers! She’s perfectly fine!

Both of my kids have slept under blankets when they were real little. Just be cautious!

My son is almost 4 but he slept in a blanket since beginning. It was a Muslin blanket. They light and breathable. I simply had it waist down and tucked it under him.

My kids all slept with a blackberr blanket

I’d recommend using a swaddle rather than a blanket at a young age…


My girls both have had blankets basically since birth. Never an issue here, but it’s not “recommended”

Only way my daughter will sleep if I’m not around is her unicorn blanket because it has my smell on it

My kids have had a blanket since birth

My daughter sleeps with a sleeve blanket and she’s fine

I have three kids, oldest is 8, middle is 3yo and the youngest is 8months… they’ve all slept with blankets since day one. Mainly because they are all winter/fall babies.

We used receiving blankets as soon as they were home from the hospital until about 9 months old when they were strong enough to play peek a boo with something thicker

Depends on what u use . For basinet i I tucked the other half under matrres so it wouldnt cover he face . 3 months they potentially can kinda roll depending on kid. But if ur warm is not cold a receving receiving blanket is best. Its nitted netted blankets that pose the most danger

It’s not worth it. Sure, sometimes it works out and baby is fine, but sometimes it doesn’t work out and baby dies. How is that worth it? Buy a sleep sack, they can’t pull it over their heads.


Nope. Certainly not. That’s a huge risk of suffocation. I love my daughter, and her safety comes first.


My son has had one since birth.

My now 2 year old has slept with one since birth.

I did not let either of my kids have one until after they turned one. For me, it’s not worth the risk.


I have this problem right now with my daughter and she’s almost 5 months old. Right now I am trying to get her to sleep with the stuffed animals with the little blanket on them. She likes to rub whatever she can have on her face to self soothe and sleep and i feel like there’s no breaking the cycle. I watch her, and when she’s finally asleep I’ll move them away from her face and she is alright.
I honestly am not even worried about breaking the cycle anymore because she doesn’t suffocate herself and she uses it to only fall asleep. If you are comfortable with it mama then it’s okay.

My son was 6months when I decided to let him sleep with his boppy pillow, a light blanket, and a stuffed animal. Even still he sleeps with them at 14 months

Nope, definitely not worth it.

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My daughter is almost 2 and she uses a sleeper sack! I never let her use a blanket!

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I would use a sleep sack, or swaddle. Usually around 6 mos you could bring in the blanket.

My daughter uses a sleep sack but does need her security blanket to sleep…she wanted to hold our hands so when she started to fall asleep we put the elephant security blanket where our hand was. I think if it is small enough that it won’t block their breathing you are ok. She started this at 4 months and is 7 months now…still uses it.

My daughters have both slept with a blanket since birth

My kid would only sleep with a receiving blanket and when he was about 6 months old, he loved to cover his face with it. He would wake up if I uncovered him

My daughters have always slept swaddled. But I make it right enough they can’t unravel it for it to cover their faces, but with me having csections and bf they slept in a bassinet right next to me and I don’t hardly sleep anyway so I always checked on them

My son has slept with a light blanket slightly covering his face since he was born. Every time I would move it he would wake up. Now he is 8 months old and still does the same thing. I’ve just given him receiving blankets so it doesn’t prevent him from breathing or make him too hot.

My nephew literally scared he crap out of me the other day. He’s a small preemie and I finally got to spend the night with him at his home and hold him and everything. Anyway he will only go to sleep if he has a blanket to completely cover his face. We was talking and I was sitting watching him and he completely covered his face and body and I panicked and just pulled it off… He was smiling and laughing at the blanket on his face and I didn’t know that so I upset him so much when I did that. Lol he was so mad at me. My sister had to tell me that she’s stopped fighting it and just moves it when he goes to sleep. That’s all you can do

I didn’t allow a blanket or stuffies until my daughter was around 6 months old.

Mine has slept with a blanket sinceshe was 3 weeks old we just bought the breathable blanket so she cant suffacte herdself

My kids have been sleeping with a blanket since birth. It gets below zero in the winter and I didnt want them to get cold. I always just tucked it in under their arms so they couldnt pull it up. None of them got a pillow though until after 2 years old

My youngest was a blanket sleeper I used to swaddle her

My son sleeps with a blanket at 2 months old but I’m always checking on him to make sure he hasn’t shifted the blanket over his face. I have insomnia so I just chill on my computer at night and sleep during the day