Can baby feel your anxiety?

So I’m wondering if anyone else thinks there baby can feel there anxiety?
My 18 month old son and I share a room.i have horrible anxiety and don’t sleep at night.When his dad had him he said he sleeps thru the night(also in the same room).When I have him,he tosses and turns and wakes up almost every hour on the dot…goes right back to sleep tho with a I’m wondering if it’s my anxiety he feels.just wanna know your thoughts.thank you in advance


Yes kids can pick up on emotions easily if im upset even if i dont show it they somehow know

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Yes. They def feed off your energy

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Energy (positive and negative) speaks volumes to children (and animals). Reduce your anxiety as best as you can to help your child… you may end up with a very anxious toddler.


I’m trying so hard…I don’t want to take narcotic medication and I’m in therapy.any other suggestions

Absolutely. Kids and animals are really good at sensing your emotions.

Kids of all ages feed off parents emotions and feelings get urself some help and it should also help the baby once ur doin better

Take up meditation. Great YouTube videos are available. Throw in some ear buds and learn to relax. :green_heart:

Can you have your baby sleep in their own space vs. with you?

Yes children can that’s why when they are upset u have to stay calm or ur not gonna be able to calm them down

While I agree children can feel our anxiety to a point. It may also be that your baby know you will give them a bottle and maybe dad wont.My girls both sleep different at their dads an my house Once I stopped offering the bottle my little lady didnt wake up as much. As a mom with anxiety and who had a hard time giving up babies middle of the night bottle this is not judgemental or condemning, just another possibility.

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If u have an extra bedroom then i would make a safe haven for him…if not u could put a separation in your room…give him his own space with his own things…books stuff animal etc…

Yes, yes, absolutely Yes! Children of all ages feel their parents stress and anxiety.

I think so my daughter is a wild one but it’s like when my anxiety gets me shes so sweet and just sits and hugs me and says love mama. Helps everytime

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Yes they can feel that

Baby most likely wakes and knows ur there so wants to see you and have cuddles and bottles because ur his mum. He probably wakes at dads but goes back to sleep when he realises ur not there. No baby “sleeps through” they wake but just settle themselves again. Never gonna do that when they know mummy’s there for snuggles xx

Yes kids will feel it

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Yes they definitely feel our anxiety :cry:

Yes even older children