Can birth control make your boobs bigger?

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If you’re taking a hormone based birth control then it’s possible but growth would be pretty minimal.

If it fails, they will grow in about 9 months


Are these woman 12 on this page or what the last few questions are like what did I just read. Or they’re just that incompetent!


Good grief, y’all will allow anything on this page🤦‍♀️


So I had a dad that REFUSED to let me take sex ed, talk about “adult things” and anything in that realm of discussion. The first time I got a period I thought I was dying, literally. There were things I didn’t know clear up into my 20s which made me feel stupid but since we weren’t allowed to talk about it there were just things I did not know. Now days there are suppose to be places like this, with women who supposedly care for other women. Instead you want to put her down and mock her for not knowing. It’s so incredibly disappointing how you are treating this lady who probably didn’t know and came here for advice. Wonderful, caring community here. But what should I expect from a page called “my husband is a blessing” yet spends a good portion of their efforts demeaning husbands, boyfriends and significant others?

I apologize I cannot help you with your original question. I wasn’t on birth control for long. The one I was on made me gain weight which did increase my breast size. But it was an all around weight gain not just breasts. Try to talk to someone you know that might be able to help you. Cause it looks like most of the women here won’t.

If I remember its temporary its because your hormones are changing. I think mine were sore and larger for 3 months. Then back to normal.