Can having kids change relationships?

I’m having trouble maintaining my relationship with my boyfriend after having her. I have no sex drive, I don’t like being around him, I’m not too sure what’s going on. He’s all i want but at the same time I don’t wanna be around him. I guess I’m confused. This is my first baby. Any tips would help.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can having kids change relationships?

Hormones. moody from having a child.

Post partum depression…it will pass …it takes time
.I had it bad with two of my babies…
Go through it…hang it there!! It will get better…


yes. completely normal


Yes, indeed it can … Welcome to hormone fluctuations !! Normal - this too shall pass :tipping_hand_woman:t3:


Hormones and post partum depression, all completely normal.

  1. yes, having a baby changes almost everything about you and what you’re experiencing is very common!
  2. Were you using birth control for a period of time before getting pregnant with your little one? That could absolutely contribute to this as well.
    Basically, most of it boils down to your hormones. But an additional and common factor could be exhaustion and unreasonable division of responsibilities.
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Hormones. Yes normal

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Hormones, sleep deprivation, new mum anxiety, stress, all very much play a part in this first year. Be gentle with yourself. Reassure him that you do love him. It will get easier and level out.


Very much so. Just make sure you guys are having husband/wife time not just meaning sex but the things you guys use to do like date nights/movie nights/ walks whatever it was have those moments with him. Not just mom/dad time

My life currently and my kids are 8 and 2

Completely Normal after I had my daughter my Blood pressure spiked. And Now I am on a blood pressure/water pill and I have anxiety and Depression. I am on 2 different kind of anxiety pills as I will be moody where I don’t want to be around my husband or daughter. They know when I am having a bad Day. I just grab my Emotional support Dog and hold Him to me.

Absolutely everything changes when you add a child….
Hormones, lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition for caring for a new baby, lack of intimacy, lack of self-care literally drives everyone to the brink…
Especially when the expectations each partner has for each other changes but isn’t talked about.
Tons and tons of relationships end up breaking down because people don’t take the time to sit down and discuss, share and compromise on their needs or the needs each may have when it comes to parenting.

Make sure you take time to do so. Because if you don’t eventually you will both start to resent each other. Communication is KEY to any long lasting relationship.


My life and my kids are 11,6,4 and 16 months

Same thing happened to me. Did a bit of research that led me to try evening primrose oil and DHEA. I take them every evening now and I have done a complete 360

Anyone laughing at this is an asshole!

OP, it’s normal. You’ve just had a baby, your first. Your life is changing, your hormones are still out of whack and it could possibly be PPD.

I would suggest talking with your boyfriend, maybe not necessarily telling him EVERYTHING, because I’m sure that you don’t want to hurt him, but at least let him know you’re feeling off, so that your relationship doesn’t start to fall apart. I would also suggest talking to your OB. They can help you with resources to deal with adjusting to being a new mom as well PPD.

Just know that you’re not alone. :heart:


Talk to you dr. About post partum depression

Congrats on your little girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Best of luck luv


Post Partum depression is very real and very difficult! Please don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor and see what kind of support you can get if you think it might be an issue. It doesn’t always “just pass” and it can be very scary.


This is so normal talk to your doctor
Your hormones are all over the place … your body is wore out


All of a sudden your priorities are for that baby not him. He should understand that and it should not be dofficult to maintain if they pull their weight. Once we have a baby sex is not important for a while as our body has what it was made for.

Yes can happen!!!
Your hormones are all over the place, you might exhausted, stress , have anxiety , sleep deprivation, and even feel not attractive and that can make you reject him .
I think it’s important to recognize that something it’s not right so you can work on it and seek help .
Good luck !!!

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Wouldn’t hurt for both of you to have a talk with your doctor about this. He/she will be able to explain everything to you.

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Girrrrrrl its normal ! Ive been trying to get my hormones right after my daughter for two yrs now, And it was the same with my son. If you truly love him fake it till you make it …. You dont want him so feel neglected or unloved…. things will get better it just takes time and talk to your primary care physician. Maybe they can give you something.


That may be the way PPD is presenting itself. I would suggest talking to your doctor :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely it’s much harder.

This is why I encourage being with someone for YEARS before bringing children into it…
Make sure you love them.
Make sure they love you…
People change with seasons, years etc
People change in situations…
Make sure there’s more there then just lust.
Once pregnant/have baby, sex isn’t a top priority.
Exhaustion takes over, baby becomes priority. Life gets busy… it could take a year or two, maybe even more, to get back to some sort of “normal” sex life…
Make sure you’re with someone who will understand these changes in life… and someone who will HELP YOU, with life, with baby, with house etc… because if they don’t, you end up resenting them, not wanting to be with them, around them etc…

Yep that’s about it in a nut shell

All normal give it some time, i takes up to 1 year to start feeling like yourself again, also post partum depression and the baby blues two different things time is all you need

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Hormones are a B. Give it time

Yes, while I didn’t give birth out of my body, when we brought our son home from the hospital the thought of being touched sexually felt so dirty for months after. It was weird because we’ve always had a very healthy sex life. It took almost a year to get back from that feeling, then almost 3 years to find my groove again. Now he’s 8 and even after us being married close to 20 years we can’t keep our hands off each other.

Post Partum depression??? What does your doctor say?? After all that… contact Patty Marmann , nurse, libido consultant, genius.

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It’s going to change so much. And either you will go with it and adapt and grow together or you won’t

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Completely normal and can happen even after having other children as well. I’m in the same situation an I’m 4 kids and two adopted kids. I also suffer from severe anxiety and ocd and when things get overwhelming I shut down and go on auto pilot. Sometimes we have hormone imbalances and need some down time to regulate and sometimes need some medical help. Talk to your doctor about it and they may be able to help you.

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Yes. And if you doing the caring by yourself makes you extra tired and resentful. Share baby care with him and get alot of rest.

i think it’s ppd, and you need to talk to your doctor. ended up i have anxiety and i feel better now. it gets better, it really does.

May have PPD, go see docs asap

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Might have post Partem depression…talk to your doc