Can I breastfeed when I have the flu?

Just tested positive for the flu… two questions. What otc medicine can I take? Looks like it all has phenylephrine in it? And I don’t wanna risk my milk supply drying up. Also, is it okay to still nurse my daughter? She had her flu shot, so she should be okay right?


Yes!!! I had the flu and I kept breastfeeding it’s really good for the baby your body creates antibodies to help baby!

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Breastfeeding is the best way to provide antibodies to baby. The flu will resolve without any intervention. Just drink fluids and try and eat bland when possible. And don’t kiss on baby.


Try not to breathe on the baby and ask Dr about breast feeding. Speedy recovery!!!

Wear a mask while you breastfeed to keep baby from getting sick

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Yes you can breast feed with the flu. The anti bodies your body is producing to combat the flu will be passed onto baby. In turn lessening the effect of the flu on your baby should they get it


This is a question for a health care professional, not the FB peanut gallery.

Pharmacists are a great resource for stuff like this, and they’re available 24/7 in many places (and you can call one in another state if needed). They know a lot more than most people realize.


IT IS 100% SAFE TO BREASTFEED WITH FLU OR COVID. Chances are, baby was exposed before you even had symptoms. Your milk will actually contain antibodies to help baby get over it faster.

Ask your doctor about which meds they reccomend while nursing. Personally, I just used nasal spray to help me breathe and took ibuprofen for fever when sick. Best of luck!


I was 30 wks pregnant, nursing my 3 yo, when I got the flu during xmas. Since the symptoms had started that morning, I was given tamiflu I believe (they knew I was pregnant and breastfeeding). I was also able to take ib and aleve to help with body aches. I gargled warm salt water to help with coughing. Kept a humidifier on in my bedroom.

As for otc meds.
InfantRisk is one - InfantRisk Center
LactMed is another - Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed®) - NCBI Bookshelf

Also Milky Mommas (Breastfeeding / Lactation / Human Milk Feeding Support) is an amazing helpful group

Absolutely breastfeed so she gets your antibodies. Any cold and flu medicine is subject to effect your milk but delsym DayQuil Sudafed and mucinex are safe for baby.

Yes. It actually gives them the antibodies. (Just asked a nurse)

Antibodies from breastmilk while you have it will protect her. Keep nursing.