Can I bring my toddler to doctor appointments?

Is it frowned upon to bring a toddler to your prenatal appointments or ultrasounds? It’s my first appointment with this baby so I’m not sure if it’s rude.


My doc office doesn’t allow it unfortunately. I watched a mom bring in her 2 year old and they refused to let her bring in her daughter and it was just a quick check up. I watched the mother start panicking because they absolutely refused to.

It depends on the drs office. I can bring my daughter to all but my ultrasounds. My midwives even have toys and books to help keep them occupied

I took mine! She loved it. I say do whatever your mama heart tells you to do

I brought my oldest to baby 2s appointments. They’re 14 months apart

What did they say when you called them to ask ???


I am 34 weeks pregnant and have brought my 3 year old to almost every appointment with me. My husband works out of state and I don’t have anyone else to watch her. :woman_shrugging: I just bring a bag of snacks and toys.

I’ve taken mine 1.5 yr old to a few of my appointments usually with someone older that can help chase him around my drs don’t mind especially since they are the ones that delivered him not that long ago

My kiddo came to some of mine. I’m a single mom so I do what I have to do. Bring kiddo something to be distracted on while you speak with the dr.

Not everyone has a village. Sometimes you do what you have to do. If my office didn’t allow my toddler in when I was pregnant with my second, I wouldn’t have gotten any prenatal care. If they hadn’t allowed me to bring my 1 year old last week when my 14 year old had an outpatient procedure, the procedure wouldn’t have gotten done. Find out what the rules are, and if you don’t have people to take care of your child during appointments, call and explain that. Exceptions can be made when necessary and it is in their best interest to ensure you receive the care you need.

I can take my other kids to regular appointments but children under 12 aren’t allowed in the ultrasound rooms. However I try not to take mine to the 1st couple appointments due to pelvic exams/ultrasounds which makes me not able to tend to my child

A lot of hospitals don’t allow kids in the ultrasound room just a heads up :slight_smile: but office visits are totally fine

Depends on the doctor’s office

No it’s not rude at all… and sometimes it’s encouraged so the child can process and be part of the journey too… if you can find a sitter then that might be nice for you so you can just have the time to focus solely but they won’t mind at all… make sure you have some toys and the child’s stroller and some snacks and some drinks and yo ur toddler will be fine and happy and quiet while you do what you gotta do… I always took my babba to all my appointments and nothing was ever said… I’ve even took her to work with me more than once :joy: you’ll most probs some a few other mammas with prams there too so the kids can play together while you wait even… good luck :crossed_fingers:

I would just try it. In my state a mother tried to leave her kids in the car at the hospital while she went in for an appointment. The cops got called. Better bring them in.

In My hospital (U.K) Children are not allowed in Ultrasound Appointments and only one adult with patient/Mother to be

I would call and ask. Mine allows it tho

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Just call hun. Who cares what others think just gotta follow their rules

Why don’t you just phone the doctors surgery and ask.

Ultrasounds have different rules than the regular doctor office

My last 2 are 17 months apart. I took my daughter to every prenatal appointment. I had no choice. If she couldn’t come I wouldn’t have been able to get prenatal care. She was even with my during labor. Not my choice. Their father wouldn’t let me leave her with anyone, ever.