Can I change my daughters last name?

I have a similar questiin but its about last names. My daughter has my last name (but her father still has his monitored visits, but im getting married and what my daughter to have the same name as us. Is that wrong ? Shes never had her fathers name so i just dont want her to be the only Jackson left . Any advice


If she has your maiden name than go for it maybe hyphenate with your new last name…


Your new husband would need to adopt her I believe.


If your new husband doesn’t mind her having his last name, then I don’t see a problem. Her dad may not want that, but since he isn’t in her life much and isn’t on the birth cert, he shouldn’t have a say so any way


She needs to be adopted


I hyphenated my last name when I got married so that my daughter and I still had the same. Her last name is Jenkins which is my maiden name


She would need to be legally adopted or you would need to pay the insane fees to have it legally changed with her biological fathers permission.


I personally would leave it. Your new husband would have to adopt to change without paying lots of money💓

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Your husband does NOT have to adopt your daughter to have the same last name (at least in most states) but it is pretty expensive to have done. I’d talk to your daughter to see if it’s something she’d want tho


If the father is on the birth certificate he needs to sign off on it. I did this with my daughter when she was 3. She had just his last name and I wanted to hyphenate it to mine and his. Luckily he was ok with that. We took the birth certificate to a notary amended it on the back and sent it out. Didn’t cost much at all.

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You could hyphenate it with your new one and her bio dads last name.

My daughters children all kept their fathers last name after my daughter they were teens …but if she has your maiden name then she should be able to keep it along with name of her stepdad…if she is old enough to decide for herself then leave it up to her

Definitely ask her what she wants. But yeah you can do this without adopting. Like people said though it’s not cheap…

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One day, she may get married and it become something completely different. I personally wouldn’t waste the money to do a legal name change just so she matched the rest of us. My daughter has my last name and I’m even with her biological father. We’ve talked about getting it changed but it would cost us a lot to do it now.

If the bio dad is still in the picture its cruel to have his kid have some other mans name. You should wait and let the child decide later whos last name she wants.


Wont be able to do it unless dad agrees to it

In the state of Alabama you don’t have to adopt a child for them to have your last name especially if the father isn’t on the birth certificate. Try going to your local health department and seeing if you can add your husband on her bc then you can change her last name too while you add him on it. I did this last month.

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The father of the child would need to agree to her name being changed

Why don’t you hyphenate your last name.

A.) is this what you want or your child?
B.) is your soon to be husband on board with this?
C.) is her BIO father aware of what you are wanting to do?

Depending on where you live you are going to have to setup a petition through the courts to legally change her name. Her BIO father can either sign a consent form or challenge you. I would wait until after you are married and when you go to Superior Court I would state that your child has always had your last name and now that’s its changed you would like to change hers as well.

Think you can change by depole could be wrong x

Her biological father would have to sign off on having her name changed.

U have to have the bio dad sign at least here in maine u have to it was bull shit let me tell u ot took my daughter telling him to drop dead so he sign the paper :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If dad on birth certificate or is down on document he is legal father. Which if he’s getting supervised access its going thro court etc. So he would be know as father so has as much legal rights as mother in changing names etc. You would need his permission in writing to change any legal documents.
Even tho a father isnt named on birth certificate, they still have half legal rights if paying child suport etc.
You could let your daughter use your new hubbys last name in school, docs etc. But anything legal its the name on borth certificate she would have to use unless you change her name legally by depoll. Father would need to agree to depoll.

Father is still around and I would find that very disrespectful to the father I know that you and the father may not be married but he still around and that’s still his kid

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Since bio dad is still in the picture he would have to sign and notarize a paper saying he is ok with it or go before the judge to agree in court. Also my husband and I had to be married for over a year before he was legally allowed to adopt our son. O was told by court officials that your husband would have to adopt him, with agreement from the bio father, in order to change a last name. Mine was easy because we had been married over a year, my sons bio father hadn’t seen him since he was 2 months old (he was 4 at the time of adoption) and I had a restraining order against the bio father for domestic violence and drug abuse. Also it’s not cheap, you have to pay the filing fee, the court fee, the fee to have the notarized copies for your records and pay to have a new social security card and birth certificate issued.

U probably should change it to her actual fathers last name since she has ur now madam name if anything…