Can I collect colostrum at 24 weeks pregnant?

Moms I’ve never collected colostrum early before but I’m 24 weeks pregnant and I noticed if I squeeze liquid is coming out of my breast. Am I too early in my pregnancy to be producing colostrum? If I really am producing it I would love to start collecting

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No far too early could cause Labour. I’ve a 7 month old and was told not to until at least 37 weeks

I nursed my oldest through my second pregnancy, and still had him after my due date. I really think you’d be fine, but if you’re worried about it, just ask your doctor.

Everyone already answered the question but for while your in labor and trying to get things going I used my pump, it really helped me progress, my ob told me to use it once a day at week 38-39 but my water broke at 38 weeks on the dot.

While you should not intentionally express it, if you’re leaking you can put milk catchers in your bra. Lookup “Milk Catcher” or “Breast Shells” on Amazon. Best of luck to you!

Definitely ask your doctor! When I asked mine she said absolutely not until after 37 weeks because of the chance of causing preterm labor.


The answer to your question is yes you can but you probably shouldn’t for the reasons already stated.

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If you were already breastfeeding another kid it would be different. That early starting to pump can induce early labor.

No its not safe you and go into labor


Not safe pumping and nipple stimulation can send you into preterm labor.
It’s better to ask your doctor then facebook every one is different and they would be able to tell you if it’s safe for you to do.