Can I drink a gallon of water a day?

hi mamas, so i excessively breastfeed my 7 week old son. my goal is to drink one gallon of water a day to help me lose weight and i guess to increase my milk supply too. has anyone done that drinking one gallon of water a day?! did u see any good results by drinking gallon a day?


I’ve been drinking one gallon or more of water a day for 15 years. Never seen it effect my supply but maybe because my body is used to it.

As long as you breastfeed you will lose the weight fast

I drink 100oz of water a day minimum. Almost a gallon (I have a 20 oz water bottle that I make sure to fill 5 times a day, more of it’s hot out) and I have no issues! I’ve been EBF my now 5 month old since he was born. I haven’t noticed weight lose or anything (but I have other factors there too) but I find it keeps my supply up and I’ve never had an issue with it!

If you’re worried about supply, drink the water and also nurse on demand or power pump!

You’ll want and need so much water when you’re nursing, drinking a gallon a day will be easy. And you’ll probably lose weight quickly but make it a habit to eat right so that when the weight loss slows you’ll still be able to keep it off. Keep up the hard work!

As long as your hydrated then you’ll produce fine but never heard needed to be a full gallon a day and I nursed 5 kids and the water won’t make you lose weight watching what you eat will and the nursing is what helps with that cause you’re using more calories to produce the milk

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I drink a gallon of water per day because my body needs it and I generally feel better doing it. I have no idea if I’ve lost weight because of it, but I sit around 5’4” and about 130lbs ish.

When I was breastfeeding, I drank probably more than a gallon a day and I couldn’t lose weight because if I didn’t eat enough, I didn’t produce. I actually lose weight slowly over the course of the year following giving birth, but it’s easier for me after I stop nursing. I’m not nearly as hungry when I’m not nursing. I’ve had 9 kids and I’m 36 this time around.

If you want to lose weight, start when you’re finished nursing, for the vast majority of us women weight loss is 90% what you put in your mouth, 10% activity. Drink a gallon or more of water anyway.

You’re supposed to eat double the calories when breastfeeding to help maintain your supply. Also keeping hydrated is major to keeping your supply up, but you may not loose weight right away. I wouldnt be discouraged as some women do and some do not while breastfeeding.

I live in the desert so I did a gallon and a half… I got a 64 oz bottle from walmart for $15 and fill it 3 times. I still lost my supply, despite frequently nursing, pumping, lactation cookies, lactation tea, brewers yeast, massaging, and manual expression… dried up after a month and a half with my first born and after a month with my second.

I drink a gallon or more a day
Try it like this:
I wake up at 6 am and immediately drink 3 cups of water. Then I drink 1 cup per hour after that until I go to sleep.

I was doing it for different reasons, it will take you a while to get that amount in you, but I did it regularly. I did feel better

I did see a difference in my supply if I didnt drink a gallon or more of water a day and breastfeeding helped me lose ALOT of weight I was actually skinnier than before I got pregnant. Then with baby #2 she had a severe allergy that prevented me from breastfeeding and I am still trying to lose the weight and shes almost 2 lol

Also I should add I exclusively pumped the entire time because my son couldnt latch so I pumped for over a year, and I would pump even when he wouldnt eat and donate it to my sisters baby who was born at 25 weeks and my sister couldnt breastfeed. So my supply was probably really high because I would pump every 3 hours even when his feeding time moved past that

I’m not pregnant or nursing but I drink about 4/5 of a gallon of water a day. Side effects consist of being well hydrated and never getting headaches.

Drink a lot of water. It’s good for you.

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Your suppose to drink half your body weight in ozs of water a day. Thats what your body needs to function properly

As far as your supply goes you’ve got to make sure you get your calories but drinking water is what’s best just don’t over due it (don’t make yourself sick by drinking excessively) and there shouldn’t be an issue but keep in mind while breastfeeding does burn calories, some women have trouble losing the weight and the hunger from breastfeeding can be worse than pregnancy cravings.
I’d personally talk to your Dr and look into joining a group for that.

I drank about a gallon a day… I exclusively breast feed for 2 months. Had to start supplementing due to my son not gaining enough weight. I tried everything to boost my supply… teas, herbal. Lactation brownies… pumping … nothing worked my supply just dried up :frowning: … I also didnt loose any weight after having him… while I was pregnant with him I lost 30lbs from when I was pregnant to after delivery. I had more or an appetite while breastfeeding as well which was good as you are supposed to eat more to help your supply

My doc told me in the beginning of my pregnancy I should be drinking one gallon of water a day normally

Lol good luck with that you gonna be peeing worse than peeing while preg lol just bustin your balls man haha but for real though you can get sick from drinking too much water yes it’s true so just look up a good amount a believe a gallon might be too much not I’m not 100% sure.