Can I file taxes as a single mom who doesn't work?

Can I file taxes as a single mom who stays home with two kids? How does that work?


I believe you can only file taxes if you had an income, you can always Google it

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You have to have an income


What income do you have? Are you filing taxes on SSI or child support? I’m not sure what youre asking.

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I’m in Canada nd if u don’t file u don’t get any of the government things if u qualify as its on income… such as GST, nd child tax credit nd so on. Even if u make nothing u simply do ur taxes nd send it in by April 30th each each year our year for that stuff starts July then. I work full time but my taxes are still pretty simple, it cots me about 100 to get them done


How are you a single mom who stays home? Who supports you and your kids? That’s who should claim you and your kids.


With all respect, I hope not.


Without income, you can file a what most preparers call a 0 return, all numbers will be 0. Ssi and walfare isn’t taxable income but you can do a 0 return. Your calculations will equal 0 and you have a refund. If your a provider who lives with the recipient thru IHSS in california, under the 2014-7 that is nontaxable income but you can file and anything paid into will be paid back. Ive found free tax usa understands and asks about the 2014-7

Google it! The IRS website has a good bit of info. It may or may not be beneficial for you to file

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Wow u need to see a therapist


I think you would get the child credit. Call h&r block or someplace and ask.

…No. Even If you have a job, you still have to make ENOUGH money to even file.

Do you get ssi or anything? If you do you can file and yes in certain states you can claim just your kids

I think, and I may be wrong, if you’ve got money in a savings account and you gain interest on the amount in there over a certain amount. Like if for example you gain $20 in interest and the irs requires you to report any interest above $10 you’ll need to file your taxes to include that interest. Your bank usually sends you a form to put with your tax papers to report your interest to the irs.

U never get back as much as u put in…

No. You had to have worked at least a portion of the year and paid taxes.


What taxes would you file? Do you know how INCOME taxes work?


Um, wheres your W-2, 1099?