Can I get my babies name changed?

I just had a baby two weeks ago, premature and was feeling pressure giving him a name so much significant other named him after him. Is it possible I can get his name changed?


its possible but it’s going to cost you money. and you both have to agree on the name change.


Gotta go to court. It’s going to be expensive.

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You can go to court but it will cost you some money and it is not cheap and you both have to agree on the change…

Probably depends on the state… around here you have a fee and up to a year to change

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So it took you 2 weeks to realize you made a mistake just to appease a man. Ok.


Yes. It very easy when they are this small.(at least in my state)

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I mean just call him whatever name you want. I know someone who’s legal name is Jessica but she’s always been called Amber by her family and friends

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Yes my paperwork said I had a year.

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Yes but it costs money and you have to petition through the courts


I was forced into giving my son’s their father’s last name. We were never married and I left him shortly after the second child was born. I called to change the last name to mine and was told that the child had to be a resident for atleast 12 months, and both parents had to agree. The father is not on the B.C but still they would have had to reach out to him. So I let it go and now that he lost all parental rights my kids are now getting their last names changed to mine! It will cost me $350 but so worth it!


Generally. In mine, there’s a period after birth as well as being able to change once per year.

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Depends on the state. It should be on affidavit in fine print.

In my state you have 1 year to make any changes

It’s not expensive if you both agree. You can file the paperwork yourselves. P.S. I also felt pressured with my first child and regret it to this day. I waited 3 days to name him because I was so torn. I also agree with someone above in that you can call them whatever you wish. Did you name your child with a first AND middle name that you dislike?

You have 30 day but you’d have to go to court

Have to go through the courts and he can fight you to. You didn’t need him thereto sign anything he didn’t have to be on the birth certificate. You could of named him whatever you wanted. By why change the name now ???!!! Hey Mom Dad this is Jon. 3 weeks later oh his name is Mike now 🤷wtf sounds stupid.


In Wyoming you have until their first birthday

I had to change my sons middle and last name it’s a lot of work but cost me around $300 definitely worth it though

If dads on birth certificate he’ll have to sign off on it. You can definitely

Yeah, but it’s difficult to do. And if dad is on the birth certificate then he has to sign off on it.

In most states, you have up to a year after the baby is born to change their name free … after that, it’s a court process

Yes but with both parents agreeing

In Tennessee you have one year

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Yes, the baby is only 2 weeks old, you have a year normally. Also, if it does cost money, atleast in my state, wa, its 100 bucks plus the fee of birth certificate which in my state is 30 bucks. Then you have to take the revised certificate to the department of social security and request a new social security card. I believe most of this can be done online in mosts states.

I only know this cause I’ve been looking into my daughter getting a name change, my husband doesnt seem too enthusiastic, but I gave her 2 middle names, but I like one middle name better.

Depends on where you are some places you have a year to change it

The birth certificate isn’t valid if you didn’t sign it. If you signed it you’ll have to go to the court house. If SO is on the birth certificate usually you’ll need his permission. You can apply for waiver for court fees. Google “how can I change my child’s name in ______ county _______ state?” You’ll find the requirements.

Courious about this also. Living in Ireland.

I got my sons name changed a few months after he was born… free of charge except to buy a new birth certificate and I didn’t need anyones permission since I was the only 1 on the birth certificate. I just called my state, submitted paperwork, and it was done.
No charges, no permission, and no hassle whatsoever.
It was his last name but I don’t think 1st name would be any different.

You can change within a year in the uk