Can I get my tubes tied right after I give birth?

I am wanting to have my tubes tied after I give birth but my doctor said I cannot have it done until I am 6 weeks PP…is this normal? Should I find a new doctor? My mom said she had hers done right after giving birth to me…


I had mine done right after. I’ve never heard of waiting 6 weeks.

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My friend had her tubes tied a separate time from having her son (i kind of don’t remember how many weeks apart after having her son) but it was when she had him in 2018.

I was told I had to wait 6 weeks pp unless I had a c-section. If I had a c-section they could do it at the time of the birth.


I had my tubes tied right after birth and that was 6 months ago. Get a different doctor’s opinion because it might be you have health concerns I didn’t. My man stayed in the room with the baby while they did mine.


My dr wouldnt do it right after birth. I had to wait the 6 weeks. And im glad i did.

I’ve heard a lot of ppl say they’ve had theirs done right after birth or during the closing of their csection but with me I couldn’t get mine tied till after most covid restrictions lifted. All “elective” surgeries (anything that wasn’t emergency or life threatening) were permitted at the time so I had to wait over two years for mine. Even if you have to wait don’t worry too much. The surgery is super easy and I was literally at the grocery store hours after being released.

I had my daughter on a Tuesday night and was in the or the very next morning bright and early. I had to fight because I was only 25 and didn’t know what I was doing and this and that. But I had a son and a daughter and that’s all I wanted. That was 27 years ago. I a lot has changed since then.

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In 2018 when I had my youngest son, I had my tubes tied the day after he was born (not a C section), while I was still in the hospital. I live in Tennessee though… so maybe things are different here?

31 years ago I had mine tied right after giving birth. They went thru belly button.

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I had mine done during a c-section, but not sure about vaginal delivery and surgery right after. I would imagine it’s best to wait considering the trauma the body goes through giving birth and. Wedding time to heal. You could maybe get s second opinion from another dr?

I had mine done the morning after giving birth, went home that night. If you really want it done right after giving birth, insist on it with your doctor or find a new doctor. I had also signed paperwork beforehand that if for some reason they had to do a c-section that they could do it right then instead of waiting.


I think it’s important to remember that post COVID world is very different than pre COVID world in regards to elective medical procedures vs essential ones. The women I know who had it done before COVID were able to get it done right after giving birth, in the same stay. But I don’t know anyone who has had it done since COVID right after giving birth. Most had to wait because it was an elective thing.

I’m in Oregon and due with my last baby in March. I was told I have to wait 24th after giving birth.

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I got my tubes tied right after my daughter was born but I had a c section. It might be different depending on how you will be having your little one.

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I had c section and they tied my tubes right away

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If you have a c section you can get it done at the birth of your child because they already have you opened up. However if you deliver vaginally, yes it’s the norm to wait 6 weeks. I had to wait that long as well after my son because giving birth is trauma on your body, so is surgery. It’s safer to space them out like that.

I had natural birth and they made me wait till the next day. Had to be like 24 hours or something like that. Depends on dr and hospital policy.

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14 yrs ago I had a natural birth and within 20 minutes was getting mine tied.

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I had a C-section 4m ago and had my tubes totally removed while still on the table

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My tubes were tied right after I had my last. But I had a cesarean and they did it before closing me up. However all 3 of my births were high risk and so that may have played apart in it. My friend had her tubes tied 12 weeks after her last pregnancy. So I suppose it all varies between patients and doctors.

My ob said the only way you can have them done right after is if you have a c section. However with some of the laws changing, my hospital doesn’t offer it at all anymore (they won’t do vasectomies either…) so when you go in for in for your six weeks check they set it up as an outpatient surgery at a different facility.

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I’m planning on having mine done after my 3rd baby. My doctor told me, if I have an epideral they can do it right after baby is born or, if no meds, they would do it the next morning. I would definitely find a second opinion - but it also depends on your health too, I would think.

Doctors will literally make up anything to not tie a woman’s tubes they told me I couldn’t get mine done after having 2 kids at 21 because they don’t think my insurance would cover it I have medical… I’m now 28 and they still wont tie mine :roll_eyes:

Find a new Dr. You absolutely can have it done right after birth

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Same here. I just gave birth 3 months ago and was suppose to have it done. But I didn’t want to heal from giving birth then have to heal again. But I am also a single mom of 4. 2 older and then I have a 1 year old and a 3 month old so it would be too much on me.

I couldn’t get mine done right after birth. I had to wait. My wait was 4 months. That was 17 years ago

I got mine done 10 minutes after my daughter was born. Pain was AWFUL. I think it depends on your doctor

I’m getting mine done right after regardless of how I have the baby I already got the paperwork signed and everything it’s probably your particular OB mine’s going to do mine the day after I give birth

I got my tied the day after I had my 2nd kid and no issues at all. And I had a natural birth, no C section

You can if you have a c section. If not then you have to wait for your uterus to shrink back down to do the tubal.

My friend had hers done, but they would only do it if she had a c section x

I had mine tied 13 years ago. In my state they don’t do it right after birth unless it’s a c section. I also had to sign a form and then wait 30 days after to even schedule the appointment. It ended up taking almost 6 months to get it done. We just used a birth control until then

I think it depends on the doctor/office/hospital. And things have changed a lot in the last 20-30yrs.

No I had a normal delivery and had my tubes tied the next day .mind you that was 26yrs ago​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::hugs::hugs::hugs:

A Dr recommended is the best time to have it done is right after the birth.

Mine was done the morning after I had my daughter 8 years ago so idk why you’d have to wait :woman_shrugging:t3:

Depends. My sister had it done within the hour of her c section. Vaginal birth is different.

I had mine done the Monday morning following birth. Had baby on a Saturday and had to be scheduled during the week due to surgeon limitations. Also was only a few months ago

I had a C-section and had them tied during that procedure. Maybe different with vaginal birth :woman_shrugging: :thinking:

Mine were done while they had me open for my c section

They offered to do mine while I was in the hospital, but refused to put me to sleep. So, I waited and got it done 6 weeks PP. maybe it depends on the facility?

My doctor made me wait 1 month

I got mine done right after. But I had a c section so they did it while they were in there.

I had mine done right after my daughter’s birth. I had a cesarean section, so not sure if that makes a difference.

Might depend on the way you deliver. And the doctor.

I had a vaginal birth. My daughter was born at 2:30am and at 6:30am they tied my tubes.

No C-section and had it done right after, it was 24 hours after though. But the first time I wanted it done, was in a different state and they were trying to make me wait six weeks. Said it was to make sure the insurance would pay for it first basically.

Maybe things have changed but I got mine done day after birth before leaving hospital…this was in the 90s

Get new doctor he can do it right then

I had mine done 2 weeks after my youngest was born

I just had my daughter almost a year and a half ago. She was a vaginal birth and I got mine tied the next morning.

Depends on dr mine would’ve done it.

My sister got her tunes tied right after she had my last nephew

33 years ago I had my tied right after a c-section.

I had mine done the day after I had my daughter 3 years ago.

I had c section & they did it during that

Had mine removed following the cesarean birth of my last baby. No issues.

Had mine clamped right after, that was 16 years ago.

My doctor is doing mine during my c section I believe

I had my tubes tied the day after I gave birth to my daughter in April of 2018

I had mine tied the same day I gave birth, 4 years ago

Had my done 2 hours after the birth of my fourth child in 2012.

I had mine done same day I had my son

My Dr is doing it just because I’m having a C-section

I had a C-section so mine was done at the time of birth

I had mine done during my c-section.

I was going to have mine removed right after birth but I had complications so I had to wait

My doctor actually asked me while I was getting my c section if I wanted it done so yes I would get a second opinion

My moms delivered vaginally and had hers done right after. I had a C-section and had mine done right after.

I thought if you wanted to be tied they did it right then when you were already opened up?…. That’s how my mom had it done after me, but that was in 1996?

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I got mine done 10 minutes after my daughter was born. Pain was AWFUL. I think it depends on your doctor

I had mine done right after I had my last child, and I didn’t have a c-section

I had mine done right after I gave birth to my daughter 39 years ago

I had mine done right after,but that was with a C-section

I had mine done right after i had my daughter!

I had mine done right after. I didn’t have a C section.

It’s the new norm to wait 6 weeks PP unless you have a c section.

At least a good month or 2.

I had mine the next day after my daughter was born that was in 94

Are you having a c section?

Yes you can have them tied the next day

Natural birth you’ve gotta wait, c section they can do on the spot because everything they need is effectively at the surface

Unless it’s a c section they want you to wait 6 weeks.

I believe if you get a c section they’ll do it at the same time after baby is born. I was asked if I wanted the procedure done but I declined it.

I had mine done away after giving birth to my son. It was the best thing I ever did. Then a year later I had a total hysterectomy the second best thing I ever had done.

I had my tubes removed (don’t recommend) when they did my csection.

I had mine one day after giving birth in April of 2021. All COVID precautions and regulations were in place. So that didn’t change anything where I was.

I gave birth in 2010 and had to wait the 6 wks before getting mine tied

My daughter was 2 days old when I had mine done.

I had mine done less than 24 hours after giving birth

The timing of the procedure in relation to your last childbirth can depend upon: your state’s laws surrounding tubal ligation, health insurance’s policies, medical facility/doctor/provider’s discretion and your health, age and nature of delivery experience. Get a second opinion at another facility and research your state and insurance company’s regulations/rules, too.

Get a second opinion from another doctor. This is important. You then chose which doctor you want to use. Do not inform the second Doctor about what the first doctor advised. You make the final decision.

Find a new doctor ,mine removed mine per request right after I had my second !