Can I get some advice on acid reflux?

Hello, my daughter has really bad acid reflux and just pukes everytime I feed her. What is the best bottle to try to help with this? I have her on Dr.Brown nipples right now


Sometimes the nipple doesn’t help sometimes they need Zantac I know my daughter needed Zantac


Is she not on reflux medicine?

Tommee tippee sensitive. But more importantly hold her upright while feeding (Like a little bird) and then keep her upright after for a long time - 30 minutes or more if needed. It made all the difference with my little.

Good luck!!!

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Sit her upright while feeding and for about 30 minutes to an hour after feedings. It will help. Also you can ask doctor about reflux medicine

My second was reflux. Switched to enfamil AR formula complete turn around first bottle.
I use evenflo bottles, they are angled. Held upright during feeding and sat up for 30 mins after. Propped sleep if possible.
Worked for us.

Have her sit up a bit more when feeding her, wait and long as possible after feeding her before laying her down… have you consulted with her dr yet, sometimes they can give you medicine to help also… but luckily they can grow out of it

Similac sensitive formula, zantac, and nuk natural bottles :slight_smile: it’s worked for us. With my oldest it was nutramigen, zantac, and playtex bottles with the wide nipples and the curved neck.

My daughter projectile vomited every time I fed her. Took her to doctor they prescribed her medicine. She ended up needing to be on soy formula. It wasn’t acid reflux.

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Try lactose milk my son and daughter could not drink regular milk it would come right back out all over me.

If she is puking and it’s not spit up everytime she feeds, she needs to be seen immediately. That isn’t normal even for reflex. She needs meds and a  evaluation to rule Pyloric stenosis

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How old is she? Try lifting her head a little higher so she doesn’t throw it up let the milk settle then burp her (if she needs burping) also you can get different milk/formula for acid reflux or if you’ve tried everything maybe speak to your health visitor/midwife/GP they may be able to give you something to help x

Lactose milk fixed the problem for me

Enfamil AR formula. Wouldn’t say much else is gunna make a difference.

It can be the nipple flow
It can be the formula you’re using
It can be just the baby has bad reflux.

For me, it was neither of the above. My son had BAD reflux. With the doctors ok I was told to put just a little baby cereal into the bottle, worked a charm. I’m not saying do this, get the doctors okay but see what is causing the reflux and take it from there.

I had to change my son’s formula, sit him up for at least 30 minutes after a bottle, and elevate one end of his crib mattress.

I used dr browns bottles and enfamil ar

It’s the formula. All my kids did until they were off that nasty stuff.

Need to have the doctor check her. Could be more than acid reflux!! Probably needs a formula change.

Try premixed formula, until baby is a little older. I felt like it was better mixed. And I loved the playtex ventaire bottles.

Look up pace feeding

My son had to have Xrays and was diagnosed with severe acid reflux. Was put on neutramagin formula and had to take baby zantac for the first year of his life. And he still puked a little bit even on those. As soon as he was old enough for milk it completely stopped. Didnt matter what bottles i used.

Could be a couple of things (my son needed different formula and a special position for digesting after eating) But could be as simple as when you’re done feeding, lay them on your chest (like your burping or cuddling them almost) their tummy to your tummy, make sure you sitting at an angle, so your slightly reclined. For no less than 20 mins. I know it sounds silly but i had to take my son to a feeding specialist and she explained what changes in this position and why it helps so much with reflux.

I used Avent anti colic bottles and my son is on the Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease formula. They have a sensitive one now. Maybe she’s lactose intolerant?

I think feeding the baby in a more upright position helps too.

Dr Brown’s are the best but my baby had to be put on a low dose of Prevacid b/c he wouldn’t keep anything down.

You may need to change formula. We had to try 4 before the projectile vomit and screaming stopped. My daughter ended up on Alimentum.

Avent bottles, they’re also anti colic. And definitely keep her upright for about 25/30 minutes after. Will help her little stomach feel much better, and keep more down. im so sorry she has bad reflux😔 my son does as well.

Tommee tippee anticolic bottles helped us. We had it really bad and still use those and the enfamil AR formula.

I tried literally every bottle when my daughter went through this and the only thing that changed it was switching her to enfamil ar

I had my kid on similac sensitive for same reason

My son was on medication and had to be fully upright to feed and stay upright for 30 minutes after every feeding.
Burping every 10 minutes during feedings. He couldn’t even lay flat for diaper changes.
He had bowel surgery at 2 days old!

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Why not go to a pediatrician?

What food?? I had mine on the gentle ease for help with this

An option to consider is talking your little one to a chiropractor. It may not solve the problem depending on the severity of the reflux, but it could help.
When my little guy was around 3 months he started spitting up every time he ate. I took him to a Chiro and the spitting up stopped. I mean it would still happen occasionally, but it wasn’t every single time I would burp him.

I fed my daughter a half ounce every half an hour and held her upright for probably the first six months of her life

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I’ve never heard of a bottle curing reflux. Zantac is your best bet, I’d think. Oh, also, Gerber soothe drops! Mine both puked(pukes) every time. As long as they are gaining, you can technically ride it out. We started solids at 4 months and pushed them. Both my kids hate(d) solid food though, and wanted the bottle, despite the puking. We are still pushing it though. :woman_shrugging:
They said zantac causes potential food allergies later? But if the baby is really in trouble, zantac is more important.

Is she losing weight bc of it?
My son was breastfed so I don’t have a bottle to recommend. But burp your LO every 1-2 oz
My first born child had a horrible case of it and was put on meds. Talk to your pediatrician!

My daughter had bad acid reflux when I was breast feeding. We thought there was too much flow so we tried bottles as well. Still had the issue, brought her in to be seen & we found out she was lactose intolerant. The only formula that stopped the projectile vomiting was the Nutramigen formula. We also used DrBrown bottles too with this!

I know everyone praises Dr Brown but in my experience they actually made it worse for my son. I had the best results from Avent or Playtex Vent air but you really need to talk to your doctor. It may be severe enough that she need medicine or a special formula

My son went on meds for ot because he literally stopped breathing so he got a pulverized version of prilosec to take daily

We use mams and we dont burp and sit up right for half hour to an hour we limit bouncing belly time until at least 1 to 2 hours after and we slow feed so 2 ounce wait 15 min 2 ounce wait 15 min and he does so much better

Go with mams as they help amazingly with acid reflux.

Enfamil AR is what my 3 month old son is on and it helps a lot