Can I get your feedback?

I don’t know what to do with the property management company. I have sliding doors for my shower. I’ve lived here almost 5+ years and they keep falling off. Luckily it’s only fallen on me when I’m in the shower but I am so afraid of them falling on my toddlers during bath time. I’ve had maintenance come fix it and it just keeps coming off. The sealant around the tub has come off, I’ve asked 2+ years if they can fix it and nothing has been done. I called the office today to complain after having the doors fall on me again and I was told I need rental insurance if I want the doors off because I can flood the downstairs apartment (we have no downstairs apartment). On top of that he wants to take a look and I said okay that’s fine. I asked if he can come at 4:00 on Friday because I work all day tomorrow and Friday I’ll be home at 4. He wants me to leave a key so he can enter and take a look or in his words “You need to get off early because I wont be driving there at 4:00”. Not only is he not willing to work with me but this is the same guy who also insulted me. Saying the laundry room at HIS facility was disgusting and his wife would never be caught washing in that laundry room. All the while I was throwing in an load. He had never taken a look in the laundry room in the 5+ years I lived here.

Honestly im at my wits ends and I know the solution is to move but in the meantime what options do I have? I’ve heard of sliding doors injuring, even killing children. How can I get them to take me seriously?
I’ve lived in many apartments and this is the first I’ve heard of flooding a downstairs apartment or even having sliding doors on the tub.


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Call and find out what it would cost to repair them. Then take him to small claims court. But first send them a text telling then you have a problem, what it is, then save it and save their response.

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Call local health department and they have a boss so contact them as well. That stuff is considered wear and tear and is suppose to be covered by them. It’s not like you purposely damaging it


The next time they fall off, slide them under your bed and put up a spring loaded shower curtain rod and a shower curtain.


I definitely recommend getting tenant insurance if you don’t have it. I’ve heard too many stories of people losing everything and having no insurance. As for the repairs contact landlord and tenant board

The property management is responsible for either removing or replacing the doors depending on your lease agreement. Depending on the star you live they only have so many days to replace or remove them. Normally 30 days from notification.

Check the rental codes and rules in your area. Hopefully there are laws against slumlords.

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Check the rental codes and rules in your area. Hopefully there are laws against slumlords.

Check your rental laws but you should be able to put your request in writing, explaining the fact that you are concerned for your child, which makes it a safety issue. If it’s not done within a couple weeks make another request for it to be done again and state that you will have the doors fixed or replaced if it is not done in a timely manner and have the cost deducted from your rent. Make sure you keep the invoice for the repair and submit a copy with the balance of the rent


When they fall again tomorrow and break , tell them they are lucky your kid was not in there and now they have to fix them .

Go to your local court house. Ask if they do escrow. It is for renters that have slumlords like that. Some states have it and some don’t. You have to make sure you pay rent on time and never late. What they do is they hold your rent and will not let him have it till everything and anything is fixed as long as it is in your lease agreement. I have actually lived in a place that my agreement was to fix anything and giving them a receipt to take it off my monthly rent but a lot of places unfortunately are not like that. I also would get renters insurance just incase. I know it can be difficult with situations like this. Look up all renters laws in your state. There is always a clause.

In some states, you can send a certified letter of repair request. They have 30 days from that request to repair the issue to code or you can begin putting rent into an escrow.

Chances are, the track is bent slightly or the rollers are too small or too cheaply made.

Sometimes when you want something done right you have to do it yourself. You can buy caulk and a caulking gun at Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart (I think some caulk comes ready to use without a gun but I could be wrong) and reseal the area. And I bet there is a YouTube video that could offer a solution to the shower door coming off. There’s a video for everything now days lol Home Depot also offers tool rental for a low price. Once we rented a pickup truck from Home Depot at 1/2 the price of a rental car.


Um document in writing first in foremost. Going all the way back to the first day you reported it and saying this is still a problem. Then document the convos you had all in your 1 email. Then ask for a resolution.
Get insurance and specifically ask your agent if they cover shower doors- document send it in writing it more than likely will not cover that. Its on them they need to deal. Then send pictures attached to your email. And copy yourself on the email as well! :wink:
Watch stuff happen or you just built yourself a case! Start holding your rent in an account and wait for them to evict you and win due to unsafe living conditions! But be prepared to pay rent as well

Take em off and put them in a closet. Buy a shower curtain- problem solved


Ps: everyone should have renters insurance- if the complex burns to the ground don’t you want your stuff insured? A motel stipend so you’re not out on the street? Get renters insurance!


Just tell him if they do not replace them or fix them properly you are going to withhold rent to have it fixed and you will send him a copy of the bill

Idk take the doors down and put a shower cutrin up


My mother’s sliding shower door fell off and landed on her foot. She fractured it and had to get 11 stitches as well. Please contact your local health dept and they can direct you to someone who can help.

Take doors off n get a curtain in the meantime I would call township about their rules and regulations n how to go about it and go over your lease. I wouldn’t give him a dime

Check rental rules or contact the city about their laws. In some cases, probably with written and documented complaint by you, that isn’t resolved, you could hold back rent. You don’t keep the money, you put it in an escrow account (it will show a judge your intent to pay, if it wasn’t for this unresolved issue). B cause when you stop paying rent, they will try to take you to court. You will be able to show the judge documents (emails/text messages) and the escrow account. It will be on the landlord at that point.

I hated my shower doors I took them off and put a rod up with a curtain maybe you can do that?

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Save and buy a house. It’s worth the investment. My first house I owned was crap, but after months of work with my dads help my husband fixed it up nice and we sold it for double 5 years later, and we purchased our new house and this has only needed small repairs

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Option number one and probably the best option is to move. This sounds like a slum lord. They wanna do the bare minimum. They will take forever to fix issues, but if your rent is 5 seconds late, they’re starting the eviction process. Start looking for a new place.

In the mean time, document everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Date and time of issue. Date and time of contact with management. Details of conversation with management. Then check with your local court house about opening an escrow account. Pay your rent to the escrow account. You can’t be evicted because you’re technically paying your rent, but the management company isn’t getting it because of debilitating living conditions. Just make sure you have documentation of everything when opening the account.

Additionally, the next time the door falls on you in the shower, go to urgent care and get checked out, just to make sure. Then send the bill to the management company.

On a side note, get renters insurance. You never know what could happen. Maybe the people upstairs are having issues with their shower doors as well, and your apartment could get flooded. Or even just living in a place run by a slumlord, you never know what may happen.

Shower doors if they come off like you said just keep them off and go buy a shower curtain in the shower rod easy installment

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Google on how to adjust them. it isn’t that hard. Mine will come off the roller edge every now and then as the srew loosens. A simple fix.

Tell them take them off and put up a shower curtain. But you should have renters insurance because if something happens like a flood or fire you will lose everything.

Take doors off ho to home depot get the rod that adjust
to size no screws needed put up curtain in meantime

I always fix things around the house myself that my landlord is supposed to fix and give him the bill and what’s left of rent. Not sure how it is for apartments. I would definitely document everything you can from the shower doors to the insults. If you can go to HR with all the evidence. Even video statements from your children would help. For now I would use a curtain. I hate poor management :roll_eyes: