Can I go roller skating while pregnant?

Roller skating at 20 weeks pregnant?


I would consult with your OBGYN. I know a lot of people who still are active and do things. I’d say that’s your best bet. :heart:


Mean ya got free will sooo up to you. But I feel if you have to ask you know your answer already

I was cycling right up until I was 24 weeks and I told my consultant and he said I wouldn’t but if you have done this wrong it’s fine but he said I wouldn’t with the size you are

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Um no. Most places woudnt /shoudnt allow you anyway its too much of a risk.

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Depends ona lot of things. I rode horses until I couldn’t get into saddle on my own.
Ob/gyn wasfine as I always rode butnot advised if I hadn’t done it much.
Age, health of mum andbaby, how many babies, do you do this all the time?
Only you know Mumma, you weighup risks andyour history

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Most places won’t allow you too as your not covered under insurance

I went skating while pregnant. However! I started figure skating at age 2 and skated until I was 16. I also competed in figure skating for 11 years. So strapping on some skates and skating around the rink was nothing for me.

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Why would you try and risk roller skating while pregnant? That’s a very irresponsible risk you’re going to take if you decide to do it. If you fall you could get hurt and you could trigger premature labor from falling. Personally I don’t think it’s a safe or good idea


I wouldn’t just incase you fall. Especially on your belly.

Are you trying to miscarry???:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::clown_face:


Sure but I wouldn’t recommend falling over

Any exercise is good as long as you are safe doing it. If you are an experienced skater with good balance you should be fine, obviously don’t do anything crazy and take it easy but enjoy yourself

Yess ! I took my girls skating probably around 20-26 weeks. So much fun. Definitely felt it in my back the next day though. I think pregnant or not it’s just about being safe.

I went ice skating when I was pregnant, you just have to be extra precautious

If you actively roller skated before pregnancy yes. If not no. Our balance can be wonky during pregnancy I wouldn’t risk it.

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My doctor always told me if you did it before you became pregnant you can do it after.

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I skated while pregnant but I’ve been skating since I was 5 so I’m an experienced skater. If you’re not an experienced skater. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Did u skate prior to pregnancy? If u are 100% u wont fall n hurt urself and ur experienced than ya id say its ok. Drs normally tell women if they were doing things before pregnancy they can continue during pregnancy (within reason) but it is risky unless it’s going to be not crowded in the rink and ur doing like a relaxing type speed so if u do fall u will be able to easily catch urself and the impact won’t be much. But, you should always ask ur dr if ur unsure