Can I go swimming at 3 weeks postpartum?

Anyone go swimming 3 weeks post pardum? I was cleared to have s*x but she said 4 weeks for swimming, I don’t understand why lol


I think 5 weeks was the earliest I was told it was safe to swim.

Following :eyes: with my second to last one (8 years ago) I was told no baths for 6-8 weeks so I would thinking swimming would be the same. I’m currently at 2 weeks after my last one and wasn’t told anything this time around :sweat_smile:

I was told no at 4 weeks postpartum and to wait until 6.

It usually 6 weeks for everything.


Why risk it? Is it that imperative to swim? Just breathe and give your body time to heal


3-4 weeks is NOT enough for postpartum. Even 6 weeks was not enough for me


Erin Bushey didn’t even think of this for you at the beach!

I’d stay away from swimming that early on. You still have a dinner size plate open wound on your uterus from where your placenta was attached. Swimming can welcome bacteria and infections that early on. If you choose to go to swimming, just be mindful of that and watch for any signs of infection


I got told no water except a shower for 6 weeks after my c-sections. Vbac I got told it was fine once I stopped bleeding

I was told to wait 6 weeks before getting in water. Like baths, hot tubs, pools, etc.


It could cause an infection. Just wait

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Not worth the risk! The beach, swimming etc. can wait. Give your body time to rest and heal. :two_hearts:


I was cleared for sex and swimming at 3wks. My cervix was completely closed, had no bleeding at all, and everything was back as it should be.

I was told to wait 6-8 weeks before going into any body of water.

Possibly of infection,your incision isn’t fully healed ,

When I didn’t listen to my doctor with my second child I had very bad stomach pains with the movement of the water worse idea ever but every one is different


Absolutely not!! Its still considered kind of an open wound and you dont want chlorine or lake water in your cooter.

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No could cause infection ur body needs to heal

Your doctor already gave you an answer…

Because your placenta leaves a hole on your body open wounds and swimming don’t mix well

Cleared to have sex at 3 weeks?! I’d find a new doctor…

No! And this is something your doctor should have told you

your opening is still partially open
you need to wait it out to prevent getting infection


I would def say no. I’m surprised you were cleared for sex at 3 weeks.

Good way to get infections. Doctors go to school a long time for a reason. Listen to them.

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You’ll bleed and you shouldn’t be wearing a tampon

No way ! Huge infection risk

Absolutely not. Girl you shouldn’t even be having s*x yet!!

Why are you asking the internet if your doctor already told you 4 weeks. It’s one more week… be patient.


3 weeks for sex seems early!! Generally it’s 6 weeks

Because of sharks… definitely the sharks


Who tf cleared you for sex at 3 weeks pp :grimacing:

Not worth the risk. Very easy to get an infection

Cleared for sex at 3 weeks???!!! Sheeeeesh

If you aren’t cleared for it then don’t do it.

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Honestly i would say 8 weeks, but when i had my hysterectomy, i was told 6 weeks but also it takes 6 weeks inside to heal and 6 weeks out side to heal

I had a hysterectomy 11 days ago and I can’t do anything for 5 more weeks. Including swimming.

I definitely wouldn’t risk it honestly I’m shocked they released you this early for other activities


If she said 4 weeks, then wait the 4 weeks. A doctor is gonna give you way better advice then some women in a Facebook group.

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Listen to your doctor… I didn’t and ended up with a terrible infection that went undetected in my uterus and caused terrible scarring and problems years later

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When I had my kids the Dr. Said Nothing for 8 weeks. I bled for 10 weeks after my Son was born.

im shocked that at 3 weeks you were cleared for other stuff. i didnt stop bleeding for 4 to 6. i knew i was in no shape to do anything. basically you just had a large organ removed which left a gaping hole inside you which has no stiches or anything to block germs out. its trying to heal. getting anything near it is super easy to get that infected. personally i would not even consider it. something like that could land you in the hospital or having serious complications. just my perspective.


I’m highly shocked you were cleared for Suggs. I didn’t wait and ended up with the most PAINFUL uterus infection. I would not rusk going swimming

It’s about the bacteria, it’s only a week I’d listen to your doctor

It’s 6 weeks because you have a plate sized hole inside you meaning your open to infection and water usually has other people in it and you can pick up anything same as s*x it’s 6 weeks not 3