Can I have a VBAC if I am plus size?

I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant with my second. I currently weigh close to 160kgs. (Please no judgment). I’m wanting an idea of how are this will be being the size I am? When I was pregnant with my first I was a lot smaller than this and was easier. Also wondering how likely VBAC is for someone my size after a c section 3 years ago?



I was the same weight as u when I fell pregnant with me second, only gained 7kg during my whole pregnancy, pregnancy and birthing was a breeze for both my pregnancies (I was 120kg for my first) I had both naturally. They will do the GTT a couple of times for u because of ur weight but I only had GD with my first and that was only because I accidentally had some gum before my test and forgot to tell them. With my second, no GD at all :slightly_smiling_face: also being larger, means we don’t look pregnant until around the last 2 months (I’ll add my pics in my comments here)
As for a VBAC, after 3 years u should be good to have one, a good hospital will offer u a seminar or an info workshop beforehand though so make sure u ask for one :slightly_smiling_face: good luck mama, enjoy every minute of ur journey :heart:

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I weighed the same when I got pregnant. I just had my baby in March. I gained 30 pounds and by my pp check I was back down to ppw. But I didn’t have a hard time. I was supposed to have a vaginal delivery and ended up have a C-section. It wasn’t terrible. It was a lot easier than my first and I was WAY smaller pregnant with him,so no worries it’ll all be ok just watch your sugar intake. I developed gestational diabetes.

Hi doll :heart: I just wanted to say with my first I was a lot smaller, and I actually found my pregnancy to be harder. I’m 32 weeks right now, and the weight does make a difference, it added the back pain in the last trimester (but I had it constantly with my first), and I have pubis disfunction, but that could also be the size of my baby. (She’s a chunker) I also get the restless legs and leg cramps more but I just make sure they get rubbed and I get my potassium. My best advice is to stay active as much as you can, when you can, even if it’s just small walks. :blush: I’d do as much as I could without pain, I exercise in our therapy pool when I can to help take weight off, and I also do light weights. I also starting watching my meals early just so I could try and avoid preeclampsia or GD. I’ve only gained about 5-7 pounds so far, and lately it’s been fluctuating so I’m losing some. If you take care of you, you will be fine. My smaller pregnancy was a lot harder! I don’t know what the policy is for where you are and who you see, but a VBAC is something you’d have to ask about more as you progress. My daughter was born C-section but I also have a bicornuate uterus, so even though she was head down, she was so tight in there that her feet were by her head! I had a very long induced labor before my emergency C-section.(my daughter is 4) They told me basically this time around that they didn’t feel comfortable doing it, and my little one (who weighs way more than my first) will probably not cooperate anyway, so I am re scheduled for one. It’s sad, I’ve always wanted a natural birth, but that’s just how it can be, as you know. I’d just stay healthy, take care of you, and mention it to your doctor as time moves on. It should very much be possible as long as no other problems arise and your healing was fine during your last C-section.

Good luck mama​:heart: Congratulations, and remember to just relax and not push it. :heavy_heart_exclamation::footprints: