Can I leave a sandwich in the fridge overnight?

I have to pack my daughter’s lunch for school but I am not a morning person. Can I make her sandwiches the night before and stick them in the fridge? Would they get gross and soggy?


Just don’t do tomato and/or put condiments on the side. I always do light spread and condiments on the side :blush:

I make my kids lunch the night before because I start work early, hubby gets them ready for school…the only thing so far they don’t like after being in the fridge is pop corn


I love sandwiches that have been in the fridge, but only like turkey or ham and cheese. Tuna or chicken salad is a no-no. I think PB and j would be fine.

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I only do PBJ’s and they do just fine overnight. I’m not a morning person at all either and I always do if the night before.

Depends on the sandwich. If the sandwich involves condiments…try putting those in a separate container to add on when eaten. That may avoid it from getting soggy.


Depends what you put on it…
If it’s salad… it’ll probably get soggy
If it’s just a spread like peanut butter or jam or such probably not
If it’s cold meat and sliced cheese no

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Depending on what you store it in you should be fine

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Yes. My daughter does it all the time for her 2 primary school kids.

Absolutely. You can also freeze some sandwiches and pop them in the lunch box to thaw. Just be mindful of what spreads or fillings you use.

I can’t eat sandwiches that have been in the fridge overnight as they’re too soggy for me but my husband eats them just fine. It depends on the person.

It should be fine if you don’t put stuff like lettuce and tomatoes on it.

If you have to, at least put the condiments between the meat instead of directly on the bread, that way it won’t get so soggy!

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If you dont put any veggies on it and no condiments, you can actually stick it in the freezer and pop it in her lunchbag in the morning as she goes to school. It will be thawed by lunch and keep cool alongside her cold juice box or pouch or whatever.

I was happy doing that with my own sandwiches. Just meat and cheese and it was fine. Id put a baggie of the veggies (lettuce, pickles, tomato or whatever) inside the lunchbag as well as a little thing of mayo/mustard or even takeout packets. It was great!

Most store bought sandwiches have been refrigerated 5-6 days and they’re mostly fine - except those with salad as stated above!

Yes you can just don’t have tomato in it


As long as you don’t put condiments on. Butter is fine.

As long as you don’t put the condiments (other than pb and j) directly on the bread it should be okay. I always put mine on top of the cheese if I make it early

For P B & J, mix the peanut butter and jelly together before spreading and it won’t make the bread soggy overnight.

You can always toast the bread the night before then it’ll soften but not get gross.

Lunch meat and cheese sandwiches, without any condiments like Mayo, ketchup, etc would be absolutely fine in the fridge overnight, if kiddo is a bit older you can send the condiment packets they can add themselves.

PBJ should be fine just make sure to butter the bread so the jelly doesn’t make that piece of bread too soft.

Chicken/tuna/egg salad may be okay if you use two big pieces of lettuce to keep the sauce from soaking in the bread.

Yes put mayo in sandwich between meat and cheese not on the bread

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If it’s something like lunch meat and cheese with Mayo- don’t put the Mayo on the bread. Just put a slice of cheese down and then the Mayo. If it’s a PBJ, you can make it and put it in the fridge, but the jelly may soak through the bread. You can freeze a PBJ (just like an uncrustable). It only takes about 10 mins at room temp to thaw so if it’s in a lunch box and not right on top of an ice pack, it will thaw just fine before lunch.

English people butter the bread to keep it from getting soggy. I saw a lady do it on TikTok

Butter the bread well and you’ll prevent the bread from getting soggy.

We used to make a loaf of sandwiches on Sundays. Wrap each in wax paper and put back in the bread bag and stick the whole thing in the freezer. My sister and I would each grab one in the morning.

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My lazy self bought uncrustsbles yesterday and they are frozen so I’m sure pbj would be fine lol

A lot ght coat of butter will stop the bread from getting soggy

I do. I dry the tomato out on paper towel or put them on the side. Dressings go in small condiment bottles instead of on the sandwich.

Just toast the bread. I absolutely hate soggy bread.
This is a total game changer. Even ppj is amazing on toast.

I’m that weirdo that packs deconstructed sandwiches. I used to do it for my own lunches and now my kids and husband want them the same way. I pack two pieces of toast in a sandwich bag, put a slice of cheese in saran wrap or another ziploc baggie inside the toast baggy, then the lunch meat in a different ziploc. It doesn’t take very long to reconstruct it and my stuff isn’t soggy.

Freeze them like uncrustables!

Grow up, get your ass up and be a parent. Such a sad excuse… I’m not a morning person lmao. It take 2 mins to make a sandwich. Act your age