Can I pump while pregnant?

I have a question for the breast feeding mamas, I am currently 35 weeks I was wondering if I was able to start slowly pumping to get my  colostrum saved some. This is my 3rd but this will be the first time starting early. Any and all advice is appreciated 


My baby is 6 weeks and I did this starting at 37 weeks… I wasn’t very committed to it but it did bring on contractions every time I pumped but they would stop. I went into labor on my own at 40 weeks 4 days. This is my 3rd pregnancy and it did help bring in my milk a lot sooner. I had colostrum froze at home and then in the hospital I pumped 1-1.5 ounces at a time in the hospital the nurses was super impressed. I definitely wouldn’t recommend pumping till atleast 37 weeks because it does bring on contractions.

Why not just ask your 24 hr nurse? Most say it’ll induce labor.

I’m not sure if it’s ever been proven but pumping can induce labor, so I would say wait another week or two!


I’d wait until maybe 37 weeks

I’ve seen some women do that to have a freezer stash of colostrum. I would talk to your doctor about it first to see if your far enough along yet because I know that pumping can speed up the labor process…

36 weeks and 3 days here!!I just asked my Dr. The same question…they said they advise against it because it can Jumpstart the labor process.

No! It can send you into preterm labor! It is not recommended.

It can send you into early labour’s, doctors usually recommend against it