Can I pump while pregnant?

I have a question for the breast feeding mamas, I am currently 35 weeks I was wondering if I was able to start slowly pumping to get my  colostrum saved some. This is my 3rd but this will be the first time starting early. Any and all advice is appreciated 


My baby is 6 weeks and I did this starting at 37 weeks… I wasn’t very committed to it but it did bring on contractions every time I pumped but they would stop. I went into labor on my own at 40 weeks 4 days. This is my 3rd pregnancy and it did help bring in my milk a lot sooner. I had colostrum froze at home and then in the hospital I pumped 1-1.5 ounces at a time in the hospital the nurses was super impressed. I definitely wouldn’t recommend pumping till atleast 37 weeks because it does bring on contractions.

Why not just ask your 24 hr nurse? Most say it’ll induce labor.

I’m not sure if it’s ever been proven but pumping can induce labor, so I would say wait another week or two!


I’d wait until maybe 37 weeks

I’ve seen some women do that to have a freezer stash of colostrum. I would talk to your doctor about it first to see if your far enough along yet because I know that pumping can speed up the labor process…

36 weeks and 3 days here!!I just asked my Dr. The same question…they said they advise against it because it can Jumpstart the labor process.

No! It can send you into preterm labor! It is not recommended.

It can send you into early labour’s, doctors usually recommend against it

If you’re trying to “dry up”, if there is to mich pressure, have a hot shower and squeeze it, only letting enough to come out to relieve the pressure. It comes out like a freaking water gun lmao. I found it really helped, plus you didn’t have to worry about a big mess lol. If you are still feeding your baby with formula as well, yes get a pump. It will help relieve the pressure as well as keep a steady milk production. I weined my youngest off my breast when he was 9 months old because he kept biting me. I kept pumping and got him to 16 months on breast milk and I just decided for myself, I had enough.

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Nipple stimulation can lead to labor or at least cause contractions
You can hand express it and a warm shower or warm compress should help ease the pain.
My doctor had a nurse hotline and I’d recommend calling yours or any other close clinics but I wouldn’t recommend pumping.

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They recommend not pumping during pregnancy because it can induce labor. I wanted to start pumping before I had my son so possibly could breastfeed longer than I did with my daughter but they advised me not to do that.


It could be dangerous, but many women do it. Just PLEASE make sure you’re taking in extra nutrition. You’re supporting three ppl and the unborn babies doesn’t deserve to go without when your already born child doesn’t NEED it

My sister in law breastfed her second through her entire third pregnancy and then was breastfeeding two at the same time. :woman_shrugging:

If your goal is to dry up you’re ganna need to go through a uncomfortable stage first.
Wear the tightest sports bra you can handle. Don’t let spouse, baby or yourself touch your breast and nipples. Absolutely do not pump no matter how uncomfortable its gets. It’ll just be worse the next time. Some say self express to release the pressure but that’s still just as bad a pumping when your goal is to dry up.

Pumping can stimulate your uterus to contract.

I hand expressed the week I was due to collect colostrum😊

I started pumping a week before my due date which ended up saving my son after our emergency section. But my doctors told me to pump so ask it doc

I would honestly call your OB.
This is really based off your pregnancy and your health history.


I never went into labor and dr had me start pumping at 36 weeks

Noooo. It can make you go into labor. If you’re leaking colostrum already then you can use those milk catchers.

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That sounds like a question for your OB


For anyone saying it gets easier. You’re not completely correct. With ANY of my bf journeys it’s always been easy at the start and gotten harder.
I would suggest hand expressing, unless you’ve been okay’D by the doctor to pump.


Call your ob, questions like these aren’t for Facebook, we dont know your history


If you’re at least 37 weeks, go for it. Nipple stimulation can cause contractions. Does the hospital or pediatrician have an ibclc? Support is super important in success. Definitely have them check at the hospital for lip and tongue tie. LLL is also a great resource. Good luck.

This would be best answered by your OB. You can even call them and ask this question without having to go into the office.


Pumping will start labor, if you’re past 38 weeks, it is okay to pump if you don’t have a high risk pregnancy. However, your milk supply isn’t regulated until about two weeks of breast-feeding. It takes about two days for your milk to come in after your colostrum, and at this point some newborns are only drinking a few drops because their stomachs are so small and breastmilk is very nutrient dense so it fills them up a lot more quickly and takes less milk than formula. Breastmilk also gives them the immune support that formula does not have. I definitely recommend at least trying to breast-feed for the first two weeks if that is something you want to do with this baby, it’s hard but rewarding and after the first two weeks it gets exponentially easier!!

No your milk should come in after the birth.


Only by using your hand, not breast pump. Not til after bub is born

I will say if you pump, you just might put yourself into labor, Wait until your baby is born. It takes about 3 days for your milk to come in, but colostrum still will come in either way, One usually only gets about a teaspoon -tablespoon with a 15 minute pump on each side & that is all a baby needs. in the beginning…says the Lactation & M/B RN :slight_smile:


Id ask your ob. Not telling us how many weeks you are is the problem with a lot of these answers. Telling youre having baby in a week can make you anything. I know this baby im either having baby at 36w or 37w max. No way would i risk anything pumping a week before i have baby.

Talk to a lactation consultant once you’re at the hospital. I did and I was offered special acupuncture to help with nursing. Went on to breastfeed my son for 2 years

I would talk to your provider… I’ve heard horror stories where it went completely wrong

Pumping while pregnant can lead you into premature labor. If you are less than a week away the same way as taking evening primrose oil orally or vaginally(another way to induce labor also) 


I don’t understand why people come on and ask these kind of medical questions. Ask your professional doctor what to do. We are not doctors


Why in the world would this post upset Helen?
Are you ok Helen?


Seriously??? Wtf??? ask your DR. And probably stop making babies if you can’t ask a medical professional your medical questions. Ignorance teaches ignorance.


I started pumping with my oldest once I hit full term. It did not induce labor, but it can stimulate contractions. I was able to save some colostrum before I had my son, which was a HUGE help for us. He struggled with latching at first and the hospital was trying to push formula on us. However, since I had the pumped colostrum, my husband was able to bring that into the hospital, with the approval of the doctor, and we were able to feed my son pumped colostrum via a little medicine cup while the lactation consultant got us comfortable with breastfeeding. We went on to breastfeed for the first full year successfully.

Pumping can trigger contractions

Don’t forget expressed milk etc has a short shelf life