Can I reuse my sons pacifiers?

Can I reuse my son’s pacifiers? He only used them a few times, and they’re still in good condition. I don’t want them to go to waste since baby items are expensive.


Depends on age, but generally yes. Just sanitize them before new baby uses them.

Pacifiers , just like bottle nipples, break down over time. I would throw them out or give to a friend

Sterilize them and you should be fine. My 3 preferred different brands though.

Make sure there’s no rips/cracks

I wouldn’t, they aren’t expensive

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I would throw all binkies out and never use.


No ! Mold ect not a good idea you should be changing them out regularly

As soon as theirs any kind of hole they go in the trash

They will be ok if you stick them in the bottle cleaner