Can I stil file my taxes?

I haven’t filed my taxes yet. I had my bf of 2yrs file because he worked and I did not. They came back and told him he has to be the father of my children which he is not. I went to school instead of worked and I have my 18yr old who still lives with me and goes to work and school. Can I still file and if so how do I file?

Your son can file and claim you

Who is they? This makes no sense. The IRS isn’t checking genetics. He doesn’t have to be their father to claim them as dependents. You live in the same household. They live with you. Boyfriend files his taxes, as head of household and claims dependents.

In new York if your ,18 year old made over 6000 dollers for the year you can’t claim them they need to file own taxes.

If you didn’t work you can’t file