Can I still get pregnant?

I have 3 kids already and I’m still here asking :woman_shrugging:.

I was with my boyfriend this weekend and we had unprotected sex. I gave him head, he reciprocated, we fell asleep and then I woke him up with head again about 2 hours later followed by unprotected sex but he pulled out. Is it still possible to get pregnant? I’ve been logging my period and tracking ovulation. Supposedly I’m supposed to ovulate the 5th so I’m in my “fertile” window. We also had unprotected sex the day prior and did the same thing. The fertile window is a 5 day window. If I had unprotected PULLOUT sex days 4 and 3 (I think. Had sex October 2nd and 3rd) prior to ovulation, can I still get pregnant?

Technically yes, you can still get pregnant even though he pulled out, you can get pregnant from pre-cum