Can I still pump if I'm pregnant again?

I almost exclusively pump for my 10 month old and just found out that I am newly pregnant again. Is pumping safe? I haven't been able to find any info

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can I still pump if I'm pregnant again?

Your body is used to it so you should be fine to continue pumping/breastfeeding . I definitely recommend double checking with your doctor for sure though . I pumped/nursed until around 8 weeks pregnant when i just couldn’t no more cause i completely dried up .

I would talk to a dr. I heard pumping could cause early labour.


your body is used to it so you should be fine to continue but i would recommend double checking with your doctor to be safe. some moms dry up quickly when they become pregnant and your milk can take on a different taste that your baby may not drink because of your new hormones.

I would pump as much as you can right now and freeze it. Usually your milk dries up before labor and then starts up again as you go into labor to produce the colostrum for the new baby.


Its definitely fine since your body is used to it

I nursed my daughter throughout my entire 2nd pregnancy and everything was perfect… I would give your OBGYN a call and ask them what they think though!

Why would it not be?

It’s safe for now but your supply will dry up probably about halfway through your pregnancy. Once you get closer to delivery it can sometimes trigger contractions and labor but I think that’s pretty rare, and by that time you won’t be producing very much.

Yes. Because you’re used to it. You don’t want to start pumping while pregnant if you weren’t already. Although if you’re already at risk of preterm labor and birth, it could be an issue, I think

Ask your doctors but I nursed my son until he was maybe 14 months and then had my second a little over a month later :woman_shrugging:t4: sometimes the baby stops on his own because the milk changes

It’s called tandem feeding and it’s safe because you were pumping before you got pregnant. It’s basically the same as if you were exclusively breastfeeding and found out you were pregnant.

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I wouldnt just because of the miscarriage risk, plus you and your growing baby need the nutrients.