Can I take naproxen while on ozempic?

I just started taking ozempic. Like literally today. Didn’t ask about interactions with other meds. Anyone here know if it can be taken with naproxen? I have a bad tooth ache

Call your pharmacy as the internet is a scary place


If you are taking it for heart reasons you probably need to be careful with naproxen. I take the once a day naproxen sometimes for pain and have to take it at a certain time of day for the least interaction with my heart meds. You’ll either need the Once a Day ones or I would suggest a topical treatment with an anaesthetic in it - my brain is thinking lidocaine gel. Pharmacist not just pharmacy worker to keep you safe. (Naproxen once a day is also prescription only where I live)

Probably just stick with ibuprofen instead or tylenol. Naproxen raised my BP and I had a mini stroke the day I took it :grimacing:

Nsaid can irritate the stomach worst with ozempic

So this is Facebook lol call your doctor or your pharmacist

You can look up drug interactions on