Can infants have tylenol and motrin?

Can you do Tylenol and Motrin for a 2.5 month old? My son tested positive today and with me sick already, I forgot to ask if it was ok to switch between the two.

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No Motrin until 6 months use Tylenol as directed for weight and time.

No Motrin until 6 months or older.

No motrin (ibuprofen) under six months

You definitely need to speak to your baby’s doctor before giving him anything. What works for others may not work for your baby. You need to call them now.


Call the Dr all these women saying no motrin are not Dr’s my son wound up hospitalized at 2.5 months and they switched between the two and sent me home with instructions to do so once released.

Doctor … question if your in Canada call 811 I’m not sure in the states but there is an aftercare number always you can call

Call your Dr or pediatrician to get approval to see if you can piggy back the Tylenol and infant Advil. They will tell you how to do it.

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Only Tylenol until 6 months old

No. Babies under 6 months old can’t have motrin

No you cannot!!! And please please don’t ask advice on fb for a new born! You trust complete strangers with your baby!?? Call your doctor


Call the 1800# on the bottle or box please . Or the ER and ask to speak with a nurse . Call your pharmacy.
Please don’t get your advice from FB or the internet.
If you have insurance there’s also a nurse advocate or concierge # that can help you as well .


Ask the pediatrician not the FB Doctors.


Yes. Dose is given by weight. A doctor/nurse will know the proper dosage. Motrin isnt recommended until a little older but id ask their doctor. The bottles will give you an estimate and go under the real dose you should give bc of parents over dosing.

How much does your babe weigh? I can post a chart for you if you’d like

Zarbees and Hyland brand have stuff for newborns.

Can and yes you can switch back and forth.

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Motrin can be bad for babies under 6 months because the kidneys need to be mature enough to properly process it. Call your doctor is the best advice but unless the fever will not break I wouldn’t even want to do that with the doctors consent.

I don’t think they can have Motrin until 6 months old. You better ask your doctor or pharmacist

You can but a 2 month old absolutely doesn’t need that. Definitely talk to a pediatrician first

This would be a question for your baby’s doctor not Facebook. People can give conflicting answers and you wouldn’t forgive yourself if you took someone’s advice on here and something happened. Just call your child’s doctor please and ask.