Can kids have ginger ale?

Can a child of the age of 4 have ginger ale?


In Michigan it’s medicine for a tummy ache haha. But yes


Why wouldn’t they be able to?


Yes u less your kids like mine and says carbonation is spicy lol

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Why wouldn’t they kinda stupid question. Ask a stupid question gonna get a stupid answer. Can you have a what ya want to drink. Damn

mine has had it at that age

That’s about the age I gave my son some. Helps with upset tummies

That’s the only “soda” I allow my kids to sip

I flatten it a bit before giving it to my son. But it’s only if he isn’t feeling well. He loves water the most, so that what he drinks most often :woman_shrugging:

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Why are people stupid , why wouldn’t they be able to have ginger ale , if you have no common sense , you shouldn’t have kids

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Maybe they are asking bc of the word ale.

As long as it’s not alcoholic