Can my baby use two different formulas?

Is it wrong that my baby switches back and forth between formulas? I can never find enough of his formula in stock at stores and at daycare they have some they can use for babies but it isnt the kind he takes at home…will it hurt him?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can my baby use two different formulas?p

It can give him gut issues. It’s not recommended to keep switching it up.

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My one child couldn’t switch back an forth the rest (3) would an are fine .

I went through every formula on the market in the first 7 months of my daughter’s life to find one that worked for her… If your child tolerates both do what works for you

You will run into stomach issues. A fussy baby that will have a hard time passing a stool.

I would recommend when you can and even if your not out of formula to stock up on the kind your baby is used to.

It is not recommended it causes digestive issues

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Gotta do what you gotta do when you cant find your normal formula


My doctor said it was fine as long as it was the same kind (dont switch from soy to milk based etc). As long as they’re both same based. I could switch from Similac to Enfamil with no issues.

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I would try to find something similar or generic, but then again if that’s all you can find you do have to do what you can. I mean if not no food for baby since your having trouble finding it baby has to eat regardless or defiantly find someone who is willing to donate breast mil k

Are u talking different type of formula or different brand? My daughter uses Gerber gentle ease almost all of the time for my grandson, but when she can’t find it she buys the Meijer brand formula equivalent (Meijer gentle) he doesn’t seem to have any issues going between the 2.

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My sister in law works at a pediatric office for years she said similac and enfamil (regular type) is like Pepsi and coke the baby should be fine switching unfortunately you don’t have a choice if you can’t find one or the other

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My daughter has to keep switching brands cus of the shortage. She’s gassy.

I had to switch brands from time to time with my daughter due to the shortage but I made sure it was similar to her normal. I will say though that once I couldn’t find any formula and was instructed to give her milk she got constipated.

If the formula your daycare uses try just switching to that so there isn’t so much back and forth

So sad this is even a problem in America, should be plenty of formula for precious babies!!


This is so hard I understand your struggle my baby was premature so he has to drink a high calorie formula and we can never find it so we had to switch but we kept it in the same brand and he’s been doing okay with it so far

Im sort of in the same boat my son does great with good start gentle and parents choice gentle he got really sick on Similac tho

It can mess with their stomach a bit. It usually takes a few weeks to get used to a new formula. But if you don’t have a choice then you don’t have a choice.

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Yes its fine as long as it the same milk base, ie soy and soy or milk and milk, don’t mix the bases

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I use Enfamil Gentlease and Parents Choice Gentlease and no problems

I have a similar question, could I use enfamil Neuro pro and the enfamil gentlease both for my baby? I just ran out of the Neuro pro and only have the gentlease one left.

No won’t hurt. My kids drank whatever the doctor gave me. Never knew what it would be. He was a family friend

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