Can my breastfed baby take a pacifier?

Sorry to ask this but still learning as I am actually going to be sticking to breastfeeding this time. But since I’m breastfeeding is it ok for them to have a pacifier or should I avoid one? my baby is 4 days old.


Yes it is okay for baby to have a pacifier :heart:

Yes its fine, but if you can avoid a pacifier its always good to try to. then you wont have to worry about getting them off it once they start getting teeth :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, if they actually take it.
I would always offer breast first because cluster feeding is a thing! Cluster feeding helps your milk come in.

If they want it and will take it but don’t force it on them if don’t take it .it will be hard to get off later.

Yes if they will use it. Studies show pacifiers help reduce the risk of SIDS as well as helps them learn to self soothe. Remember you can take the pacifier away when needed but you can not take thumbs or fingers away

In New Zealand it’s advised to only introduce after 6 weeks when milk supply is established but I think its fine if you’re just using it for comfort sucking post feedings and not to delay feedings too often.

If your baby seems to be an oral comfort seeker, the pacifier is good. It’s worse when your baby is a an oral comfort seeker and they don’t have a pacifier bc they will seek something - usually fingers or thumbs. And while you can take away a pacifier - you cannot take away their hands.

But not every baby wants or needs that kind of comfort. Either way, it doesn’t affect breast feeding for a baby who has gotten the hang of it.

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My breast fed baby used a pacifier