Can my ex have my kids for the summer?

I’m just trying to figure out if there’s anything out there that I could legally set up to let my child’s father have my kids for the summer and be sure that he has to return them, but we have no court-ordered decisions. is there anything I can do to set up something legally with everything that’s going on


I wouldn’t send them

You want your children to go for the whole summer? How old are they? How far apart do you live? A signed and notarized document is best and you can submit it to the court without having to pay attorneys or fight if it is mutually agreed upon…that’s the only legally binding way. But it is proven that children benefit most from frequent contact with both parents and spending a whole summer away from their mother could be emotionally devastating.

With no court order. He doesn’t have to turn them. A parenting plan is great

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You need to go to Court and schedule regular visitation as well as summer arrangements.

Maybe do week on, week off ? Or split the summer ?

You need a legal custody agreement or he could just keep them.


If a court order custody arrangement is not something you want to do. You could write up a contract with terms you both agree to and have it notarized and both sign. It’s something at least for peace of mind.


Try getting something in writing and both of you sign it and notorize it

You can also go through mediation and get a court ordered agreement and if fees are an issue file a waiver and you won’t have any fees

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Are you on good or bad terms? They are as much his as yours. If he kept them it does not mean kidnapping. Regardless of court orders those children are of the two of you. It would just be hard for you to live without them. Kinda like what he has had to do from the start it seems. Nothing different. Now if you want to guarantee that they will return it’s best to set up a plan and have it notarized. Understand that he dies not have to agree to what you say. You do not have the ultimate"Power" parents are equal and should treat each other as such. I can’t guarantee he will agree nor that you will make this process a smooth one. Try it and see for yourself if you can both be adults with regards to this child who is of the two of you. Best of luck.


My cousin went to her bank to get a notorized letter for both of them to sign. Both had to be present to sign and make legal.

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It’s called a child arrangement order that a judge has to do to state they legally live with you if he doesn’t return them he will be arrested and the police will go get them I have one

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They aren’t “your kids” they are his as well.


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If you don’t think he will return them and have no court order don’t send them because if he keeps them you can’t do shit . Get a court order before sending

You have to have something that’s legally binding. If you haven’t got legal papers, there would be nothing you could do if he decides he wants to keep them.

Geez with all you negative Nancy’s. Yes you can! All you have to have/do is have an agreement between the two of you and if you have a good relationship and can co parent without court do that it’s much better!!

If you agree to let him have her I would take it to court so the legally he has to have them back at a certain day. It doesn’t matter if ur on good terms. Just in case anything happens in legal and in writing.

Go to court. Or if you two agree on the arrangements then just fill out the paperwork to make it official. U can make a parenting agreement without having to get lawyers. You just have to agree on the visitation schedule and get it notarized

My husband isn’t getting his son this summer due to the virus.
His ex & him don’t have a court agreement. But its mutual. She’s the peace of work about it.
They decided not to do it because of travel bans & its safer to keep him home. We buy both his tickets, she does the suitcase if she’s nice. Although she likes to hold everything over his head. We almost didn’t get him last year because I was having a baby.
Don’t be like that. Don’t be petty.
Do it if you feel likes it a good idea. But honestly maybe skip this year because of the virus. Its understandable if you want to skip this year.

Go to court and set it up or you run the risk of him not giving them back if he doesn’t want to

Nope! If their is no court order he could keep them from you until he takes you to court. And legally if he does not give them back you cant take them from him unless he is at work becuse who ever is watching your kids can not stop you from taking them as long as your bring cops. But if he is their you cant take them even if you bring cops with you becuse there is no court orderd anything so I suggest going to court

I wouldn’t do it without a court order. Period.

You need to get a court order otherwise he could take off with the kids and say u gave him permission. It happened to my friend she lives in ma and he took them to florida

Sounds like a questions for your attorney