Can my landlord kick us out over us letting our parents live here? He said it was fine

Me and my S/O have been renting for the past 2 years from our landlord, when we first moved in he told us that we could sub-rent, so we get a roommate one of my S/Os friends, long story short stuff started coming up missing so he left, fast forward to the beginning of this year. My parents needed a place to stay so we let them move in bc the landlord said we could sub-rent and they’re my parents, anyway they’ve been living here for 6 months, every time my S/O pays the rent the landlord wants to know when they are leaving, he’s said " I said you could have a roommate not another family" its literally my mom and dad that’s 2 it would be no different if our pervious roommate moved his gf in while he lived here. Ok, my landlord doesn’t like my dad bc they worked together 20 years ago. So that’s the whole issue. So basically I’m asking if he can just kick us out bc he doesn’t like me dad, I know in my state a landlord has to give residents 90 days to find a new place


Yep unless u have it in writing u can sub-rent

Unless you have written proof that states you can sub-rent, yes he can

Do you have it in writing you can sub-rent? Cause if not he can kick you out for not following the lease. Now if you have it in writing then if he tries to evict you for that then you can fight it but he could make any excuse to evict you so be careful.

Well i was gunna answer but i was just going to sau what they all said :rofl:

He can anyway, it’s his house. As long as he gives you appropriate notice.

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What does your lease say? If you have nothing in writing your screwed. Even if you have a text that is in writing. Also, check your states laws as far as how long he can give you to vacate

Depends on what the lease says. If it doesn’t state you can have another family in the Unit with you then yes he can make you leave.

It’s been 6 months. If he hasn’t done anything yet I’m not sure he will. But just to be safe your parents should probably find a different place to stay

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If your lease agreement states you can sub-lease, you should be okay. If he does evict you, you may be able to go to court for discrimination. Not sure though. Just read over your states landlord/tenant laws and your lease. Good luck.

He can kick you out. Yes he has to give you notice. But if you get a seven day notice you need to get out because then you’ll have a cop at your door n they will force you out that day

If he gives you notice and they aren’t on a lease, probably he can. His property, his rules. He can rent to whoever he chooses. I’d call a lawyer in your area for a free consult to see what your rights are.

If he is trying to evict just because he doesn’t like your dad that would be against the non discriminatory policy that most landlords are required to follow. If that were the case you would have a leg to stand on if there were any eviction hearing. If it’s in writing then legally they can stay there.

He will have to take you to court, which usually takes 45 days !

Room mate (1)
Not room mates (more than one)


Basically your landlord can put you out unless it is in your contract that says you can sub let.

I would just want to find somewhere else to live.Why deal with a mean landlord ?


Laws vary by state, best bet is to contact a lawyer

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Usually you’re allowed “guests” up to two weeks. After two weeks they need to be put on the lease or leave. So the answer to your question is yes you can get evicted.


If you have in your lease that you are allowed to have roommates, he can kiss sand, but if your lease is month to month, he can terminate it at anytime he wants for any reason with the proper notice.

If you have proof of him saying that it’s ok for you to have roommates then no he can’t. If you have proof of him saying he doesn’t like your dad cause they worked together X amount of years ago you could take that too court too.

Usually anyone staying past 7 consecutive days, you need landlords permission.
As each additional tenant adds to the bills of the place. So more water, power, garbage, etc
2 people are more then one. He agree to ONE person moving in. Old room mate wouldn’t have been able to move a gf in without landlords permission either. Anyone over 18,has to be on the lease. Aka you gotta tell the landlord.
It’s like when my family visits from outta town…my mom and granny stayed for a bit…before they came, I notified the landlord and verified it was ok first. As they were here longer then the 7 days.
Shoulda asked the landlord before moving someone in…his home…his rules🤷


You have to go by what the lease says

Do you have a written lease? And if so does it say that you can sub rent?? Look into everything. Dude just made because he has beef with your dad. That’s bs

Yes ur landlord can kick all of U out

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Landlord here. Refer to your lease for clarification on subletting. Then review the law on tenant/landlord protection acts for your state.

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If it’s not written in the contract then he can say or do whatever he wants.


Pretty sure he can kick them out whenever unless there was a written agreement saying they could stay for X ammount of time

If it’s not in writing then you have no grounds to stand on.

Do you have a lease? What does the lease say about it? And one tenant is different than another family

Yes he very well can

Your best bet is to talk to a lawyer. It varies by state. I know in mine. Land lord has to give you 30 day written notice that is notarized and and an officer has to deliver it. On day 31 if your not out the land lord can have a police officer escort you off the property

Thirty day notice, too many people Live there.

Normally subletting is illegal. Otherwise I would of done it by now

I’d just straight up ask what he is thinking . Hard facts.

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It’s different in every state. Our landlord told us no sub-leasing and also told us anyone over 18 doesn’t need to be staying overnight unless they’re on the lease and he can kick you out for violating the lease. Whatever it says on your lease agreement is what is what will hold up in court, anything else will not unless it was a written agreement.

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Every state is different. My state can do a No-Cause eviction. Check with the local court or an attorney.

Maybe your father could try mend the relationship and see what happens from there. And yes landlord can end your tenancy.

Roommates can be anyone they can be family as well. If your landlord is going to mix business with personal then you need a new home


What does your lease say?

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All matters what’s in your lease

Yes he can unless it’s in writing that you allowed to sub rent

And if you don’t have a lease they can pretty kick u out for anything

That doesn’t seem like a valid reason. Check the laws in your state.

Is it written in your lease? If it’s in your lease you can have a roommate he cant kick you out, if it’s not he can do whatever he wants as long as he gives you a 30 day notice. It depends on your lease.

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Technically, yes. If they aren’t on the lease they aren’t supposed to live there.


It depends here in va on the size of the space and also if you put your parents on the lease. If they are living there and are over 18 they have usually got to be on the lease or he can get you evicted for breaking your lease. Talk to him and see if it’s just an issue with your dad maybe they can work it out

If I were you I’d try and get your parents out before YOU ALL end up being evicted…


If you signed a another one year lease the landlord can choose not to re-lease to you once your lease is up, if there is no sub letting clause in the lease, and you just have verbal consent, it is his word against yours. I would start looking for another place. I really do not like the attitude of entitlement from certain renters, they need to remember they do not OWN the property, someone else worked really hard to purchase properties and decided to use that as a business opportunity and rent them out. People should, but often don’t, treat rental properties like they own them, and they destroy them, don’t pay the mortgage on time, have pets destroy the yard and carpets, ect. Be more grateful and respectful of the owners wishes and allowing you to live in their home, that they in fact do own and claim 100% of the responsibility of at the end of the day. If your landlord says please don’t/ no you can’t/ I prefer you didn’t/ or flat out changes their mind on certain things, within reason, respect their wishes!?!? OR GET IT TOGETHER AND BUY YOUR OWN HOME! End of story!


The landlord is able to kick you out for any reason, unfortunately. If you dont have them on your lease or that in written form then he can.

If they arent on the lease the landlord can have you evicted… Basically its his house not yours and he can kick you out for whatever reason he can come up with and 9 times out of 10 the court will go along with it

In your post you said landlord he was ok with a roommate. That means 1 person no more no less, regardless whatever the personal issue the landlord has with your dad, it has nothing to do with u. It’s better to ask your parents to move out or you are risking everyone being evicted. If the landlord chooses to evict you it will make it hard for u to get another place if he gives u a bad reference. I would say if its that a situation just give your 30 day notice to him. Also if he was ok with u subletting, make sure its in writing on your contract, it would your word against his if their is nothing written. Good luck to u.


If you two are the only two on the lease, than it can be a breach of contract and he can evict you

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I bet I can guess who your landlord is

Always make sure it’s in the lease! Verbal means nothing when theres a signed lease.


It should be in your lease. Most apartment do not allow this. Mine does not.

still has to do it through the courts shes got time

There is obviously something the landlord doesn’t like about your father and doesn’t want him living in his apartment. After 6 months your parents should have been able to save enough for their own place.


depending on your state laws you may be over the max occupancy for the size home you are renting by have 2 additional adults instead of 1… if that’s the case he can for sure kick your parents out and depending on what your lease says, he could use it as a way to kick you out by saying you violated your lease

He can probably kick them out if they’re not on the lease though.

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Sadly to say, it’s your word against his if it’s not in your lease


Yup he can! You breached your lease or rental agreement with him by subletting to your family or anyone regardless of what he said.

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Yes he can kick you out for no reason at all. But he must do it in a civil matter give you a 30day notice and must give you what he promised on your lease agreement. You have a lease agreement right?

You have to find out how many ppl are allowed in the square footage of ur place.

He can kick you out for any reason or no reason, as long as he goes through the proper procedure.

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You should have got it in writing that they could stay, but yeah unless it’s in your lease they’d have to go.

I feel you should start looking for a place for your parents before your landlord gets the chance to hurt their pride.


The bottom line is no! Not because he doesn’t like your father. But, to my knowledge he would have to evict them formally. Once again, depends on the state you live in.

If it breaks the lease he can

They can get a quit notice gives you 10 days to leave

I believe it depends on where you live. But if there is a lease and they aren’t on it then the landlord has the right to evict. He already gave them 6 months and I’m guessing your landlord pays for the water (showers, laundry) so ya I can see his concern. Stop taking advantage of him. Why don’t all of you pool your monies and just rent a place together? Or buy a place?

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depends on the number of bedrooms, if one bedroom & you have 4 adults there, not legal.

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If a person has been staying for X amount of time then YOU cant evict then but your landlord ultimately can

Do you have it in writing that you can sublet? If you don’t have it in writing then yes he can use that as the reason. If you can prove that you were allowed to sublet then violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating based on marital status.

Depends on your state and what’s stated in your lease agreement not verbal. I believe he would have start an eviction process before he can evict you unless stated differently in your lease agreement.

If it’s not stated in the lease, yes.

If it’s not in your lease that you can sub-rent to more than one person at a time, then yeah he probably can. But eviction can be a lengthy legal process and your state also allows 90 days, so personally I’d start looking for a new place now just in case.

Your landlord has every right to evict you over your parents living with you unless it’s stated in the lease that you can have other people besides your children if you have any living with you. To get a truthful answer to your question as an attorney they would know the eviction laws in your state


If your parents are not on your lease, your landlord can file for eviction. Even though he verbally gave permission for roommates, he can say that he didn’t say that and it will be his word against yours. Always get an amended lease for verbal permissions.


Here in Tennessee If the Landlords Rent on a weekly basis they can actually put you out in 7 days…

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Tiffy is right. It will take a long time to clear your credit

I’d move. If there’s four of you to help each other, why stay somewhere there will be problems. If you get evicted that will be on your rental record and he will win. It’s not worth it.

I know a person who owns apartment complexes here in Florida and it doesn’t take a month. They can have you out legally in 2 weeks. How does he know they live there? Does he live close or what

Yes if it’s not on your rental agreement. Has to be in writing.

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If they are not on the lease he can kick them out

Yes if not in your lease

You answered your own question young lady. If they’ve been there for a month and get mail there and this is in Florida and they are not on the lease its 30 days but if you don’t leave he has to go through the process of eviction in court and that takes at least another 90days